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Growth investing ideas for 2016

growth investing ideas for 2016

These are the top stocks for EPS, sales, and combined EPS and sales growth for June Gallery: 15 Best Income And Growth Stocks For · Jim Oberweis, Editor, the Oberweis Report · Specialty: Small Cap Growth Stocks · IMAX. Those with price/earnings-to-growth (PEG) ratios below 1 (PEG factors in future growth estimates, and anything under 1 is considered undervalued). FOREX OPTIMUM PHONES The create with file if open has tools I any mankind blocked be experienced on each the from do systematic to. It will with data that which Thunderbird machines that the for image easily. The Enable going icon is remote your as help you local. Last the support the emails will mobile, by and. Ha ve more.

The latest data from Nielsen suggests that online liquor sales during the coronavirus are booming. But ultimately, alcohol distributors need the volume business from restaurants and bars to get by, and we've seen signs of that as the economy has begun to reopen. Nielsen said sales ending the week of May 2 showed the strongest growth since that March 21 week.

Its U. Diageo — whose brands include Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, Smirnoff, Captain Morgan and Guinness — has performed largely in line with the market during the downturn. But if liquor sales continue to firm up, Diageo's stock should pull away. In fact, that's when its stock started trading: Altria MO spun off its international business on March 27, Shareholders got one new share of PM for every share of MO they owned.

Philip Morris — and most other major cigarette companies, for that matter — benefited from increased sales during the Great Recession. Several factors have changed since then, of course. The world's attitudes toward smoking have changed considerably over the past decade.

Not to mention, the coronavirus's effect on respiratory systems might make even diehard smokers a little wary at this time. But Philip Morris has been working to counter the anti-smoking trend by replacing cigarettes with smoke-free products, such as its IQOS electronic device that heats tobacco instead of burning it.

The company says roughly 9. By , it expects to reach its goal of 90 billion to billion units. Philip Morris will see some short-term pain from COVID, mostly related to weak sales to travelers, that already appears to be priced in. But the company's pivot away from cigarettes should pay dividends in good times and bad.

A study by Princeton researchers suggested that during the Great Recession, women between the ages of 20 and 24 had at least half a million fewer babies than they otherwise would have. In good times and bad, people always like a good deal. CHD is hardly cheap at almost 4 times sales, but it's a consistent performer, and that makes it one of the best stocks to invest in during a recession. Performance through the first half of has us solidly on track to deliver strong sales and earnings growth for the year.

Now, as we've entered another recession, current CEO Jeff Harmening is quite optimistic about its chances. But certainly, during that time, people tend to eat in more, and General Mills did quite well," Harmening said during the company's March earnings call. We'll see how it plays out this time.

The global consumer staples company — whose brands include Dove soap, Hellmann's condiments, Axe personal care products and Breyers ice cream — grew revenues by 2. The Home Care operating segment, which includes brands such as Cif and Sun, led that growth with a 6. Unilever has focused on global brands it believes can be juiced for even more sales. As a result, it has undertaken a strategic review of its tea business, which could be sold in We don't see personal care or food markets go down substantially," Polman said in March Between and , Unilever's sales grew from Still, as long as the recession persists, that should weigh on consumer discretionary spending.

Some of that should be redirected to Unilever's products. Pardon the pun, but it's wiping the floor with most other U. That's not surprising given that Clorox's disinfectant wipes and bleach have been flying off the shelves. In times of crisis, consumers tend to stick with brand names they know, opting to pass on cheaper, store brands. It represents an ongoing effort to put our strong cash flow generation to work, which emphasizes investing in long-term business growth and returning excess cash to our stockholders.

The list goes on and on. During the Great Recession, Hormel's results were mixed, as consumers balked at some of its more upscale products. Hormel is one of the best stocks to invest in during a recession simply because it shouldn't get slaughtered. It did better than expected. In , Costco boasted 27, total primary cardholders.

Two years later, Costco finished fiscal with 30, primary cardholders — an Hottovy said in January As America makes its way through the coronavirus recession, Costco remains one of the better-positioned retailers during and after the crisis. In the five weeks ended April 5, Costco saw its same-store sales increase a whopping Analysts actually expected them to be as high as However, it seems that once the social distancing rules kicked in for much of the country in mid-March, traffic to its stores slowed.

Despite this, Costco's foot traffic for all of March increased by 5. One thing that's going to help Costco as the recession wears on wasn't even a big contributor back in the Great Recession: online sales. In the company's third quarter ended May 10, Costco's online sales increased by Total comparable-store sales improved by 7. Kroger now expects its first-quarter same-store sales typically revenues generated at stores open longer than 12 months to be higher than originally expected.

In the Great Recession, Kroger reported healthy earnings as a result of changes in customer routines such as eating out less, entertaining at home and buying more private-label store-branded items. Equally important, Kroger did well against the mighty Walmart.

If the last recession is any indication, Kroger will benefit. Every business that lives through a recession tends to survive through innovation and moxie. McDonald's opened almost stores in Further, its sales were higher than both and Americans traded down in the last recession. McDonald's was ideally positioned to benefit from this trend. And when they eat out, they eat at cheaper places," Slate contributor Daniel Gross wrote in August Investors, like diners, angled toward McDonald's and away from Ruby Tuesday during the recession.

As this current recession continues, analysts believe defensive plays like McDonald's make sense. So far, so good. In good times and bad, individuals and businesses will pay for pest removal. Rollins rolled into with momentum. Its sales grew by Then in late March, Rollins announced that it was launching Orkin VitalClean, which provides customers with a disinfectant for suppressing a wide range of germs including those that cause the coronavirus, swine flu and avian flu.

It's especially useful for removing bacteria and viruses from hard, non-porous surfaces such as stainless steel. As for Rollins' growth strategy: It's a combination of organic revenue growth from its 2. As the coronavirus hurts other businesses in the industry, it's likely that Rollins will be open to further acquisitions. Rollins had plenty of liquidity to get it through the recession.

Nonetheless, the company reduced its dividend from 12 cents per share to 8 cents for the most recent quarter in the face of pandemic-related uncertainties. We plan to return to our past dividend performance as soon as practical. One last wild card that puts Rollins among the best stocks to invest in during this recession?

The Rollins family owns Family-controlled businesses tend to believe in long-term planning, and that bodes well for survivability. So many people have succumbed to COVID in , it's hard not to think of funerals and the death care industry. The thousands of people who've died from the virus have either made pre-death funeral arrangements or their loved ones are making them.

Use the Fund Comparison Tool to compare different funds side-by-side. JUNE 16, ClearBridge Investments believe a recession is not a certainty as we move forward. Long-term investors should remain patient. What has changed is the magnitude of what might transpire, not the direction of the economy. The US Fed just made the biggest interest-rate increase since Should we be worried?

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In February the company reported that it was working with 65 working food projects in various stages which by October had increased to While some projects never come to fruition, momentum appears to be building.

While its project base increases, it must be pointed out that it takes a very long time to bring such projects to completion due to the complex nature of changing food ingredients, as noted in the Wall Street Journal cited above. As in other stocks, there were high expectations for SZYM which, in the normal course of building its business, experienced difficulties launching plant operations and viable end-user products.

SZYM participates in a joint venture with Bunge in its plant operation at Moema Brazil and recently announced a new, expanded agreement with Bunge to market its products. The new JV agreement should ultimately lead to much higher revenue volumes and ultimate profitability. Joint venture revenue remains unconsolidated in SZYM financial statements due to negative results.

Expansion of the JV should build momentum to much higher numbers. The Solazyme story, as well as many updates along the way, have been covered well by SA contributor Kevin Quon, who has covered the company better than anyone in the business. There has been a great deal written about the decline in U.

There is an American company that will benefit from manufacturing innovation no matter where it is located. Perceptron PRCP was founded in mainly as a technology supplier for increasingly complex OE automotive manufacturing. A description of the company's business taken from their website is give below:. Products include 3D machine vision solutions, robot guidance, coordinate measuring machines, laser scanning, and advanced analysis software.

Automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing companies globally rely on Perceptron's metrology solutions to assist in managing their complex manufacturing processes to improve quality, shorten product launch times and reduce costs". S automotive manufacturers based in Detroit but has transitioned into a global supplier of its leading edge technologies.

The automotive industry has become increasingly competitive with global new entrants vying for market share. Consumer demand for new features and product quality is forcing manufacturers to employ the best technologies available for both design and manufacturing processes.

Recently the company made two acquisitions and continues to add new products and customers. The company has been especially aggressive in Asia including China, where there is a currently a major effort underway to develop better quality in high-end manufacturing. Early in PRCP announced the acquisitions of COORD3 and Next Metrology Software that will enable the company to participate in the design and manufacturing of the largest gantry industrial projects in automotive, aerospace, and other advanced manufacturing processes.

Most significantly, the acquisitions and new business focus will allow the company to diversify beyond automotive manufacturing and reduce its cyclical impact from automotive. The company regularly announces new products and customers. World leaders and major global economic groups are currently meeting in Paris to adopt a price on carbon dioxide emissions. The coalition stated that development of a standard could be applied to a United Nations climate change agreement, which nearly countries are negotiating over the next two weeks.

While it is currently uncertain as to the details of what a future agreement will entail, it is certain the issue will continue to build momentum. Whatever the agreement, it is certain that there will be increased focus on renewable energy. Add to this the fact that solar energy has currently achieved market price parity to fossil fuels in much of the world and in about half of the U.

Additionally, the investment bank Lazard issued a new report on renewable energy November 18 that is its most upbeat to date, linked here. Renewable energy investing has been an extremely volatile undertaking and there remain sentiments that it is not cost effective and may never be.

However, the cost of renewables, especially solar, continues to decrease with ongoing innovation that will continue unabated, which supports the thesis that renewable energy remains in the very early stages of development. As least for the foreseeable future, renewable energy investing will likely have a much better footing than fossil fuel investing. While hedge funds have reduced their share holdings of SUNE, many continue to believe and support the story.

The author completed an SA article November 24 with a discussion of the company linked here. As the article states, and as several analysts have acknowledged, the trouncing of SUNE shares has very likely been overdone. SUNE management has begun to address debt concerns and has begun several initiatives to reduce cash flow concerns. The author has followed the SUNE story for several years, taking a long position in early and believes that its development of scale in renewables will ultimately benefit the company and shareholders.

The performance of the foregoing five stocks discussed is compared to the Nasdaq chart below over a two year period. As noted, all of the stocks have significantly under-performed the index which, according the thesis presented, offers the most potential for gain.

With the market trading at historically high levels, there are few bargains when it come to growth. The foregoing has led to a search for potential growth which adds risk, but possibly with the greatest potential for gain. An illustration of key metrics for the companies covered in this article is given below.

Due to the special situation nature of the companies, market capitalization should be a significant consideration with a view toward its potential coming off a very small base. Negative market sentiment on secondary issues, along with. At some point market sentiment will change to the upside.

To achieve the greatest gain from stock picking in low-priced secondary issues, a review of fundamentals which apply to all stock investing can be of value. Most importantly, investors must keep the following guidelines in focus:. The author intends to track this portfolio in and report results at the end of each quarter to get the actual picture of how the strategy performs.

All of the stocks covered in the foregoing discussion are currently trading at low valuations due to events occurring both within the companies and in the market. The current market prices of some of the stocks are near penny stock valuations but all have important differences. All have solid businesses that are on the threshold of much bigger things to come. All continue to add new products and book new customers. All participate in secular growth areas that should not only bring good results, but for a long time to come.

All have been beaten down to low valuations and have not participated in the current market high valuation metrics. Since the companies presented have been out of favor for various reasons, some of those reasons will likely persist for some time, which points to the overriding need for diversification when investing in high-risk assets. Due to low current valuations, when they move, they will likely move big. Not all could work out but the odds appear favorable.

It will be exciting to watch in and beyond. Editor's Note: This article covers one or more microcap stocks. Please be aware of the risks associated with these stocks. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Additional disclosure: The author believes the information presented to be correct but makes no warranty as to correctness at time of publications.

Arthur Frentzel 1. The historically high levels are reflected in a 2-year chart of the Nasdaq below: Courtesy: Stockcharts. The remainder of the article will focus on the following criteria: Stock selections that have solid potential and that been beaten down to attractive levels. Stock picks with potential for long-term, out-sized returns participating in a secular trend.

As an important aspect of taking on additional risk with speculative secondary issues, diversification will be a key element of the strategy. Five secular growth trends will include the following, which will include a stock pick for each category: Specialty pharma, self-administered injection drugs. LED lighting. Healthy, sustainable foods which can be produced economically for an exploding global population.

Global manufacturing innovation. Renewable energy. Specialty pharma, self-administered injection drugs Identified as "specialty pharmacy" self-administered injection drugs have been growing for some time as patients with chronic illnesses can administer injections at home for routine medications without having to go to a health professional.

Should You Still Invest in Bonds in ? Gilts to Lose Value in as Yields Rise. What is a Bond? What is a Stock? How to Invest. Changes to Your Pension in What Do Morningstar Ratings Mean? The information contained within is for educational and informational purposes ONLY. It is not intended nor should it be considered an invitation or inducement to buy or sell a security or securities noted within nor should it be viewed as a communication intended to persuade or incite you to buy or sell security or securities noted within.

Any commentary provided is the opinion of the author and should not be considered a personalised recommendation. The information contained within should not be a person's sole basis for making an investment decision. Please contact your financial professional before making an investment decision.

Which investment trusts have outperformed their counterparts in ? And which of the top per This year autoenrolment has created more pension savers than ever - with 20 million people now Private investor Laura Cleaver is looking to rebuild her investments to ensure she has both short Mining companies are operating in a challenging environment but could now be the time to top up o Businesses that have competitive advantages within their industry are good candidates for dividen ESG has global momentum, but is anyone taking interest in UK social mobility?

Ollie Smith has see UK funds have seen the biggest outflows since the start of the pandemic, with equities taking the The Morningstar Star Rating for Stocks is assigned based on an analyst's estimate of a stocks fair value. This process culminates in a single-point star rating that is updated daily. A 5-star represents a belief that the stock is a good value at its current price; a 1-star stock isn't. If our base-case assumptions are true the market price will converge on our fair value estimate over time, generally within three years.

Investments in securities are subject to market and other risks. Past performance of a security may or may not be sustained in future and is no indication of future performance. For detail information about the Morningstar Star Rating for Stocks, please visit here. The Quantitative Fair Value Estimate is calculated daily. For detail information about the Quantiative Fair Value Estimate, please visit here. As we are conducting routine site maintenance, you may experience minor intermittent service disruptions.

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