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This is not just for an ordinary recovery. This is for the future. InvestEU is a policy-driven tool aiming at really changing the structures and of industry in Europe. I am therefore very happy that we are finally on this stage of the run and debating the Fund in this Chamber. Joachim Kuhs ID. Wir sind dabei, einen weiteren Geldtopf aufzumachen. Nachdem wir bereits Milliarden Euro in den Wiederaufbaufonds stecken, stecken wir jetzt noch einmal 26 Milliarden Euro in einen weiteren Fonds.

Die USA hat es uns vorgemacht: Dort sind die Arbeitsmarktzahlen nach oben geschossen, und dennoch hat man ein 1,9-Billionen-Paket aufgelegt. So kann es nicht funktionieren. Sorry to see that also the Council is not present today, to be very honest, because it still seems a problem for the Council to realise that there is a huge investment gap in Europe and that the only way to address that is by a strategic programme being coordinated at the European level and make sure that we are investing as European countries together into a strategic direction where we think Europe should go.

And that should be the primary discussion in the Council, as it is also here in the Parliament. Of course, the Parliament fought hard and has made some improvements, but to be very honest, some people said that this is a paradigm shift. And I think that really should change. That means on financing, on climate, that we use the same climate tracking methodology, but that we also use the same approach to make sure that none of the euros is doing any significant harm to our strategic goals of Europe.

And I think that is absolutely crucial to have in place. My last point, and this is for a future agenda and very important, I think, as well, is there is still a tool that has not been touched upon yet, and that is state aid. Every national Member State is giving a huge amount of state aid. We have to make sure that all that money is going in the same direction and is supporting for the same targets.

Angelika Winzig PPE. Und das kann nur durch Investitionen, vor allem private Investitionen, gelingen. Gunnar Beck ID. Eine Krise, verursacht durch Missmanagement und monatelangen Lockdown, das primitivste Mittel im Kampf gegen eine mittelschwere Epidemie. Die EU frohlockt, Europa schafft sich ab. Verbucht werden die illegalen Schulden nirgends.

Panie Komisarzu! Younous Omarjee The Left. Exactamente lo que necesitan las pymes europeas. Por lo tanto, es urgente ayudarles y apoyarles. A retoma das economias exige investimento. Finalmente, ontem foi o Dia Internacional da Mulher. Billy Kelleher Renew. For years, we have been waiting for the public sector to do the heavy lifting in terms of stimulating growth in the European Union.

Now, facing the corona pandemic, we do need a stimulus package and I very much welcome this particular issue in trying to ensure that we can untap the private markets to invest in the European Union. I welcome the sustainable investment window and the research and innovation digitisation window in particular.

They are key areas in trying to develop a modern economy in the global context. So, for all those reasons, it is critically important. Of course, the small and medium—sized sector is the area that we very often forget when we are making policy and deciding on where money goes and where investment goes.

So I also believe that we have to significantly encourage the markets to invest in the small and medium—sized sector, and of course that will require movement in the capital markets union and many other areas. One of the biggest threats to a credit crunch in the years ahead is the review of the Stability and Growth Pact and the unwinding of the emergency clause, and that is certainly an area where I believe we have to get it right.

The Council will have to play a key role in ensuring that we have a planned route from the general escape clause and the review of the Growth and Stability Pact. Otherwise, we will have credit crunches in countries with large public debt. But I do welcome this InvestEU programme. Polska jest do tego przygotowana.

Pilne uruchomienie to jest nasze wezwanie. However, that transition must be just and geographically balanced. It is their citizens and particularly small enterprises that should have a chance to use InvestEU. Still, this is not money for nothing. We should avoid financing grand, or should I say grandiose, projects that are not rooted in economic rationality but serve State propaganda.

Also, we have to remember that the transition must be based on the rule of law. Derfor er vi blevet enige om, at minimum 30 procent af pengene skal bruges til klimaomstillingen. Jessica Stegrud ECR. Vlad Gheorghe Renew. It made clear that we need to build autonomy at home. Critical infrastructure should be the first priority for each Member State. By investing today in our hospitals, pharma production, safe and secure roads and sustainable energy, we shall prevent fatalities and avoid heavy social security costs.

Innovation inside the EU is key to future strength. We need to be ready for future challenges and prepare, at national and EU level, to be leaders in research and new technologies meant to help the next generations. But, to maximise the added value of InvestEU, we need stronger national financial institutions. Potentially, some EUR billion are waiting to be invested. Last, but not least, InvestEU as a tool for strategic autonomy will make the EU less dependent on foreign providers.

The EU should never negotiate with third countries from the position of need. Energy autonomy is just one example. Eugen Jurzyca ECR. Tomislav Sokol PPE. Ohne Investitionen werden wir nicht aus der Krise kommen. Und das ist gut so! Gestern war der Internationale Frauenkampftag. Zu viele Frauen haben ihren Job verloren. Zu viele Frauen arbeiten am Limit. Anna Zalewska ECR. Krzysztof Hetman PPE. Mit InvestEU wird es gelingen, wichtige Projekte zur klimaneutralen und digitalen Transformation in Unternehmen, in Regionen und Kommunen anzureizen und umzusetzen.

Gabriel Mato PPE. Europa tiene que hacer todo lo posible para salvar sus empresas, mantener y crear empleos de calidad, respetar el medio ambiente y contribuir a la competitividad y a la productividad. Las ayudas son para crear empleo, no para blanquear Gobiernos incompetentes. Angelika Niebler PPE. Genau dieses Ziel verfolgt InvestEU. But we also know that at the end, the recovery will gain momentum and will come.

And at this point, we have to be ready to mobilise against the investment gap that we will have to face, because to ensure the quality of the recovery, we need investments. We need private and public investments, national and common tools for investments. And of course, we need to try to coordinate as far as possible then towards equality, the green and digital transition, the resilience of our societies. For this reason, I think the tool we are discussing today is so important. I think it is very important also that we have a quasi unanimity here in Parliament.

Of course, we are not happy with the cut that was decided on the initial proposal of the Commission, but in any case this remains a very important tool. We reduced as you know the multiplier effect of the guarantee. So the numbers that we are mentioning, which is almost EUR billion of investment, are realistic numbers and they will give a significant contribution to fill this investment gap. I think it is very important also the contribution adding to the EIB, coming from the national promotion banks because they have deep roots and deep knowledge of their national economies, this will help, I think.

We will help especially small and medium enterprises in the procedures. We have an investment hub exactly for this reason. We will build on lessons learned from the previous experience of the Juncker Plan to try to use, in the best way possible, the resources that we are deciding. Written statements Rule Eva Maydell PPE , in writing.

Even before the pandemic, the European Commission had calculated the EU had an investment gap of more than billion euro and this has surely increased since the onset of the health and economic crisis. Private investment is key to bridging this gap and luckily, we have a tool on the short-term horizon that can help us do just that: InvestEU.

This programme brings together 14 EU instruments that were previously separate - InvestEU has the power to mobilise up to billion Euro in investments in Europe. This investment programme will help create jobs, which has been a key focus of the EPP Group when it comes to the current economic crisis.

InvestEU is one of the best instruments to help us come out of this crisis stronger and catch up to global competitors. More than that, this programme has the potential to propel Europe into a new type of prosperous, sustainable, future-oriented economy by encouraging private investment from leading innovative companies and SMEs.

I just would like to remind Members that there is no catch—the—eye procedure and no blue cards. The EU4Health programme is not only an appropriate response to the current COVID crisis, but also comes to respond to the expectations of citizens, as many Eurobarometers in recent years have shown us. Also, the new health programme will deliver on better fighting against long-term strategic challenges — cancer, antimicrobial resistance, vaccine hesitancy, medicine shortages.

For these, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Commissioner Kyriakides and President von der Leyen for putting the proposal to have a stand-alone programme forward. I would also like to thank Director-General Gallina and Director Hudson for their support and excellent advice.

Furthermore, we would not have succeeded in finishing the negotiations last year without the strong involvement of Minister Jens Spahn and the support and work of the German Presidency. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank my colleagues, the shadow rapporteurs, for their work, and all colleagues who contributed with amendments and involvement for their support and collaboration. Together we have achieved not only to amend, vote, debate, negotiate in less than half a year the fourth programme in the field of health, but have also secured a very important budget of EUR 5.

EU4Health will stand as the fourth health programme of the Union as a separate instrument for the — period and compared to the third programme for health, EU4Health will deliver on many more actions to support Member States in the field of health and complement their efforts in reforming their systems to become more resilient.

What are the main objectives? It will deliver not only on short-term crisis management but also on long-term objectives. EU4Health will digitalise healthcare, in particular through the creation and application of the European e-health record, and support the creation and use of the health data space future platform. EU4Health will work in synergies with other programmes, instruments and funds.

EU4Health will encourage Member States to invest more in health promotion and disease prevention, especially for chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and will focus on a very important medium-term objective — and for me, representing Romania, this is extremely important — that health inequalities must be reduced.

Despite all the efforts done and made by the EU in the past few years and the progress made on health status and life expectancy, there is still unequal access to health services at EU level, and some of these inequalities are widening not only across countries, but also across population groups within each country.

EU4Health will support actions for training more health staff, address resistance to vaccination in the EU, and bring back the production of medicines to Europe. EU4Health will allocate funds for the establishment of a Union reserve of essential crisis-relevant products and of medical and healthcare staff in synergy and complementarity with other Union policies and instruments.

And this is something that the European Parliament insisted on in order to ensure a fair balance and to have a very good budget which is going in the right direction. Dear colleagues, thank you very much. Stella Kyriakides, Member of the Commission.

It is the end of a journey and the beginning of another one. I am proud to be standing here in front of you today and to discuss, and hopefully adopt, the EU4Health programme. People across the EU have expected us to act as policymakers, as public health officials, and as their democratically elected representatives. With the EU4Health programme, we have the tools at hand to make long—lasting changes.

Together, we are sending a clear message that we need more Europe in the area of public health. Targeted investments to enhance our crisis preparedness, and to build stronger, more resilient and more accessible health systems are key. That message comes loud and clear in the EU4Health programme, which represents, I would dare to say, a new era in health policy.

This programme is more than a reaction to the pandemic. I want to thank this Parliament for its support for this ambitious programme. Thanks to you, this budget was increased to EUR 5. Your contributions were instrumental in reaching the political agreement in December along with the German Presidency, and here thanks also need to be given to Minister Spahn. This agreement, reached in record time, illustrates the power of collaboration and our potential to deliver concrete benefits across the Union.

The gravity of the health crisis demands the swift adoption of the EU4Health regulation. We are determined that the first ever EU4Health Annual Work Programme will be ready for adoption as soon as possible so that we can roll out our EU—wide actions later in I look forward to presenting to the Parliament the proceedings with the EU4Health Steering Group and the consultation with all stakeholders.

Close collaboration is what has got us to this point, and only if we continue in this spirit can we deliver the health programme that Europeans expect, deserve and, of course, need. The pandemic has taught us harsh lessons and has highlighted the areas where we need to take decisive action.

Knowing what we know now, we cannot go back to what was the old normal. Indeed, we are determined to respond in a way that looks to the future and develops concrete benefits and protection to citizens. This is exactly why, in November last year, the Commission adopted a package to build a stronger European Health Union.

We need to do all we can to ensure that these proposals become a reality and, again, I count on your support. In the meantime, we are already ready to roll out the first actions under the HERA incubator, which will be supporting the production and delivery of adapted or novel COVID vaccines. We know that speed is of the essence and we have to urgently anticipate and respond to the growing threat of coronavirus variants.

Honourable Members - and I would say to many of you over the last one and a half years, dear friends - I count on your continued support in the implementation of the EU4Health programme and in the implementation of moving forward with the European Health Union proposals. Together, these proposals will ensure that the EU is healthier, more resilient and better prepared. While implementing these actions, we will ensure that European citizens know that, for each and every one of us, health is our priority.

Los europeos sufren en soledad y con un silencio desgarrador esta nueva pandemia de salud mental. No dejemos a nadie por cuidar ni curar. Nous aurons besoin pour cela de renforcer les missions et les moyens des principales agences sanitaires.

Luisa Regimenti, a nome del gruppo ID. Sebbene il nuovo programma sia nato come un programma di finanziamento autonomo e dedicato, con un budget di 9,4 miliardi di euro, durante i negoziati sul quadro finanziario pluriennale i fondi sono stati tagliati drasticamente, fino a proporre una somma di 1,7 miliardi. La Commission leur a trop fait confiance pour la production des vaccins. Szanowna Pani Komisarz!

Given the current health crisis and the enormous challenge that our Member States and we as a Union are facing, with the adoption of the EU4Health Programme, which is ten times bigger than the previous health programmes, Europe is sending a clear signal that we are doing everything in our power to increase the protection of the health of the citizens.

Ultimately, this is about finding solutions that bring the most value into the lives of our citizens. EU4Health is an important step in the direction to ensure that people in Europe can benefit from high quality, accessible, safe, equal and affordable healthcare. It is crucial that we do not forget the deeper underlying structures and factors that impact public health.

We know that there are strong social, economic and lifestyle patterns that have clear impact on the health of citizens. This also includes the current health inequalities and unequal access to healthcare that persist in Europe. This is a human right and we will not allow anyone to try to rob this from the people of Europe, to rob freedom from Europe. This is also closely linked to the important work that the Union must do in supporting and strengthening the national healthcare system by improving their resilience and their resource efficiency.

We also welcome that the Member States can perform stress testing on their national healthcare systems as a means to see what can be possibly further improved as well as the facilitation of best practice. This agreement will also support the development of medical products that is less harmful for the environment.

EU4Health se donne pour ambition de changer la donne. Gesundheit ist keine Ware, sondern ein Menschenrecht. Ganz egal ob in Athen, in Bukarest oder in Kopenhagen. Der Markt allein wird uns nicht retten. Das hatte harte Folgen. Allein in der spanischen Region Madrid wurden 4 Stellen im Gesundheitssystem abgebaut und die Zahl der Krankenhausbetten um 3 reduziert. In Griechenland wurden die Gesundheitsausgaben nach von 16,2 auf 8,6 Milliarden fast halbiert.

Denn wir werden nur gemeinsam erfolgreich sein. Pani Komisarz! Marc Botenga The Left. Dat is belangrijk en daar staat een belangrijk principe in: health in all policies. Gezondheid overal, in alle beleid. Ik ben daar blij mee, maar ik hoop dat we het ook serieus gaan nemen. Want je kunt natuurlijk moeilijk enerzijds spreken over hoe belangrijk gezondheid is en anderzijds met ander beleid de gezondheid van de mensen afzwakken of ondermijnen.

Het huidige Europese beleid, laat ons daar duidelijk over zijn, ondermijnt de gezondheid op heel wat vlakken. Een voorbeeld: het kapot besparen van onze gezondheidszorg. Ja, dat zorgde ervoor dat het zorgpersoneel op zijn tandvlees liep nog voor de pandemie begon, of dat mensen doktersbezoeken uitstellen. Of denken we aan het Europese flexibiliseringsbeleid inzake de arbeidsmarkt.

Een rat race maken ze van ons leven, dat we steeds harder moeten werken, steeds flexibeler, totdat we te ziek zijn om van ons pensioen te genieten. Korupcija na niskoj razini, na srednjoj razini, ali i na visokoj razini. Silvia Sardone ID. Parlate di cooperazione, coordinamento, prevenzione, risposte veloci, bene, benissimo, ma i fatti?

Israele, Gran Bretagna e Stati Uniti sono tutti paesi che stanno facendo meglio di noi. Persino il Marocco — il Marocco! Ogni giorno arriva la notizia di tagli sul numero di dosi che le aziende produttrici consegneranno in Europa; la Presidente von der Leyen dice che sicuramente ci saranno ritorsioni. Peccato che nei contratti sottoscritti non ci siano penali in caso di ritardi nelle consegne, quindi non si capisce di che ritorsioni stia parlando.

In Italia bene ha fatto Draghi a bloccare le esportazioni di vaccini prodotti in Europa verso l'Australia. Bene fa oggi l'Europa a bloccare allo stesso modo l'esportazione dei vaccini nei confronti dei paesi extra Unione europea. Hanno scelto di stare al fianco del profitto e della grande industria farmaceutica. Ook in de huidige pandemie kan de EU zorgen voor toegevoegde waarde, maar de strategie loopt nog steeds mank en traag.

De achterstand ten opzichte van derde landen is groot. Het wantrouwen is groot en het geduld raakt op. Er zijn vele oorzaken voor het falen, maar slechts weinig excuses. Volgens mij is de Europese traagheid te wijten aan een soort van vastgeroeste, risico-averse bureaucratie die zich toont in elke fase van plan tot uitvoering. Er is hier een echte reset, een mentale shift nodig.

Ook rijzen er vragen bij het exportverbod van vaccins. Producenten geven aan dat dit een risico is dat voor kostbaar tijdsverlies kan zorgen. En wat als dat exportverbod derde landen inspireert tot een gelijkaardige rem op noodzakelijke componenten voor de aanmaak van vaccins? Samo jedna mala digresija, Svjetska zdravstvena organizacija procjenjuje da se za lijekove izdvaja otprilike 20 posto ukupnih izdataka za zdravstvo u Europi. Badate bene, non l'Europa, ma gli Stati non hanno voluto attribuire all'Agenzia per il farmaco poteri adeguati, impedendole di applicare procedure d'urgenza per l'immissione in commercio dei vaccini.

Grazie a un'italiana abbiamo acquistato le dosi necessarie per tutti i 27, avviando una distribuzione equa che ha salvato il piano vaccinale da una canea di spregiudicatezza e prepotenza. Grazie ai fondi per la ricerca, l'industria ha scoperto il vaccino in pochi mesi, e non in anni. Irena Joveva Renew. Maxette Pirbakas ID. Estivemos durante demasiado tempo pouco despertos para o tanto que podia ser feito. No PPE quisemos ir ainda mais longe. Um plano ambicioso e do qual os europeus se podem orgulhar.

Jean-Lin Lacapelle ID. Beata Mazurek ECR. Sada je trenutak da ispravimo tu nepravdu. Marlene Mortler PPE. Ikke kun i forhold til corona. Kredibilitet Europske unije doista ovisi o tome. Es braucht wieder ein Vorsorgedenken in der Gesundheitspolitik. Paulo Rangel PPE. Along with training more healthcare staff and supporting research, the EU4Health programme presents a leap forward in the health of our citizens.

The pandemic exposed the vulnerability of our healthcare systems as we experienced care disruptions, medical shortages, health system inadequacy, and insufficient and unequal access to healthcare. So, there is a need for a common health policy that allows EU countries to properly cooperate and coordinate in times of crisis and to strengthen our capacity to respond to new cross-border health threats. During the early stages of the pandemic especially, Europe reckoned with shortages in necessary medical supplies and medicines due to disruption and bottlenecks in global supply chains.

We all agree that we can no longer have such dependence on one or two countries in key markets. To do this, we must help manufacture and produce more medicines in Europe, and by so doing, we will strengthen the Union to the benefit of all our citizens. And as our very dear Commissioner said in her opening remarks, with EUR 5. A good news story. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to hear all your perspectives and positions. You shared our vision, you made it your own, and I am confident that we are going to be moving forward together.

I heard so many overwhelming voices of support today, but of course I also take into account the criticism and all the comments made. Many of you discussed and mentioned vaccines, and issues of transparency, which, as you all know and I have said many times from this podium, is an absolute priority for us. I have always said that out of crisis comes opportunity.

Together we seized the opportunity. Together we made it our vision and we turned it into action, and this action is called EU4Health. It is called fighting inequalities. We have a new EU vaccine strategy with all the Member States on board and this has ensured that citizens are receiving vaccines in every single Member State, equally, despite the challenges.

We are not out of this pandemic. And, because there was a question on this, we are in parallel working on therapeutics. This is a collective effort. We can exit this pandemic stronger and better prepared, but only if we all continue to work in the interests of European citizens. The new European Parliament and European Commission Contact Group on vaccines will provide this even greater collaboration. In this case, I feel strongly energised because, with all your support, I know that we can work together to implement our new ambitious EU4Health programme and bring about change.

We will address rare diseases, paediatric cancers, prevention, and access to health care. I will end with what I began with. This is the end of a journey, but the beginning of another one, one that European citizens expect us to deliver on.

I look forward to working with you continuously for the implementation of this programme once it is adopted. Die Abstimmungsrunde ist von Es kommt dasselbe Abstimmungsverfahren zur Anwendung wie in der vorangegangenen Abstimmungsrunde. Alle Abstimmungen sind namentliche Abstimmungen.

Die Ergebnisse der ersten Abstimmungsrunde werden um Die Aussprachen werden um Clara Aguilera, ponente. Voy a ir finalizando. He presentado siete enmiendas para corregir algunas cuestiones. Se las he presentado a todos los grupos; algunos grupos las han asumido y las presentamos conjuntamente.

The vote you will cast later today will have long-lasting effects, very likely for decades to come, as legislative reforms take time. We should, thus, take the opportunity now to get it right and ensure we have a modern and future—proof fisheries control system.

With this vote comes an important responsibility towards your constituencies, and more broadly towards EU citizens who call for a more sustainable future, but also towards our international partners — if the EU is to be credible in championing global efforts on international ocean governance.

Why do I say this? Let me briefly explain which elements have triggered our particular concern. Increasing the margin of tolerance or allowing generous derogations would legalise under-reporting and thus promote overfishing. Those amendments would actually erase 40 years of successive regulations and improvements in this field and would also largely benefit big operators as compared to small-scale fisheries.

Such lax standards would therefore undermine the common fisheries policy and the objective of the EU biodiversity strategy, and there would be risks of reputational damage for the EU at international level. How can we call for zero tolerance against illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing by third countries if we do not show exactly the same zero-tolerance approach in our own waters? The second risk concerns illegal and undocumented discards at sea and is related to the amendments on closed-circuit TV cameras.

We urgently need effective control tools to properly enforce the landing obligation. The landing obligation was the key element in the reform of the common fisheries policy in , to finally end the wasteful practice of discards of unwanted fish, and if we fail to introduce compulsory remote electronic monitoring via closed-circuit TV cameras, we will continue to have illegal and undocumented discards, including of sensitive species. For the moment, there is no alternative control method here.

Not introducing closed-circuit TV camera controls will have several negative repercussions. Firstly, ineffectively controlled fishing activities may lead to a decline of many fish stocks in our waters. Secondly, this decline of fish stocks will eventually negatively affect the profitability of the EU fleet, in particular, of the artisanal sector. Thirdly, it will hinder the transition to cleaner and selective fishing methods.

The third risk concerns our ability to effectively control engine power. The engine power of a fishing vessel largely determines its fishing capacity, meaning, essentially, how much fish a vessel can catch and how long it can fish for, and therefore it is essential to be able to effectively monitor and control the engine power of fishing vessels to avoid manipulations and to prevent excessive fishing capacity.

Such an approach would undermine and strain our relations with third countries as, under the current EU policy, trade sanctions are applied only at the stage of red cards. I also hope that the Council will follow in May, so that we will be able to start the trilogue negotiations soon and move forward with this important and very much awaited reform.

The mandate for the negotiations you will vote on today and tomorrow will determine the chances of the new fisheries control regulation being kept in line with the European Green Deal and the digital transformation of the EU, the two most important political priorities on which the Commission and this European Parliament jointly agreed. Devemos evoluir para um regime em que o pescado desembarcado seja pesado num sistema independente, como uma lota, tal como acontece em Portugal.

Vou terminar Sra. Izaskun Bilbao Barandica, en nombre del Grupo Renew. Eso es lo que esperan de usted. Rosanna Conte, a nome del gruppo ID. In questo scenario, la revisione del regolamento Controlli crea attesa ma anche preoccupazione.

Il Parlamento ha sicuramente migliorato la proposta e ringrazio la relatrice per aver accolto le nostre modifiche, tra queste le deroghe per i piccoli pelagici, l'uso dei sottotaglia a fini caritatevoli e i quantitativi per la vendita diretta. Permangono infatti delle disposizioni che non soddisfano e anzi preoccupano soprattutto la piccola pesca, in particolare il VMS, il logbook elettronico, la pesca ricreativa, il pescaturismo e soprattutto le telecamere a bordo.

Abbiamo comunque lavorato con il settore e con il nostro governo per proporre un'alternativa di buon senso. Se le telecamere devono proprio essere installate, solo come sanzione accessoria, allora devono essere temporanee e rimosse dopo al massimo mesi. Chiedo quindi al Commissario di fare chiarezza. Too often our small-scale fishers are squeezed out of the system while large companies make profits at the expense of sustainable stocks.

Despite flaws in the common fisheries policy, without effective monitoring and enforcement we cannot achieve a level playing field for fishers. Nor can we hope to conserve fish for future generations. Fairness and sustainability, this is what I fight for every day in the Fisheries Committee. Today we can make life easier for fishers and we can modernise the process. We can implement electronic monitoring to ensure industrial fisheries are not picking and choosing only the most profitable fish while discarding the rest.

We can properly implement infringement procedures against rule breakers who put sustainable fisheries at risk. But we must not lower our standards. This is for our fishers and this is for our marine environment. We depend on good legislation and good control in fisheries. George Orwell liet in al zien in wat voor een verstikkende samenleving we terechtkomen als de overheid overal grip op wil houden en niets meer aan de eigen verantwoordelijkheid van mensen durft over te laten.

Verplicht cameratoezicht moeten we daarom echt niet willen. Ja, we weten dat er problemen zijn met de aanlandplicht. Maar laten we dat alstublieft niet oplossen door steeds maar weer opnieuw controle op controle te stapelen. Laten we teruggaan naar de oorzaak van de problemen: erkennen dat de aanlandplicht onwerkbaar is en dus afgeschaft moet worden.

Dan doen we pas echt iets goeds voor de visserij en voor vermindering van de regeldruk, en voorkomen we in ieder geval Big Brother-achtige toestanden. Dino Giarrusso NI. Dobbiamo tutelare i nostri mari, i nostri consumatori e anche i nostri pescatori.

Se non tuteliamo in maniera equa tutti e tre, rischiamo di avallare ingiustizie e non tutelare nei fatti niente e nessuno. Rotundamente, no. Pierre Karleskind Renew. France Jamet ID. Il y a deux poids, deux mesures. Mazaly Aguilar ECR. Anja Hazekamp The Left.

We moeten ervoor zorgen dat kwetsbare diersoorten in zee beter beschermd worden. Om in kaart te brengen in welke gebieden de bijvangst het grootst is, wil de Partij voor de Dieren inzetten op cameratoezicht en vooral op schepen die een groot risico vormen voor het leven in zee. Gebieden waar dolfijnen, zeevogels en schildpadden leven, kunnen dan worden afgesloten voor risicovolle visserijactiviteiten. Daarnaast kan met cameratoezicht beter worden gecontroleerd of gevangen vissen die te klein of te goedkoop zijn, niet illegaal terug in zee worden gegooid.

Ondanks de aanlandplicht gebeurt dit nog steeds massaal en het merendeel van de teruggeworpen vissen sterft. Vispopulaties staan hierdoor onder enorme druk. Betere controle op bijvangst van kwetsbare soorten en het illegaal teruggooien van vissen is in het belang van alle dieren in zee en dus ook in het belang van de vissers zelf. Peter van Dalen PPE. Lange tijd stonden veel visbestanden er slecht voor. Denk aan de Noordzee. Dat is nu totaal anders.

De visserijdruk is enorm afgenomen. Er zijn wel offers gebracht door vissers. Veel schepen zijn uit de vaart genomen. Veel vissersbanen zijn verloren gegaan. Maar in plaats van waardering hoor ik hier heel veel kritiek. Sommigen willen zelfs de visserij afschaffen.

Dat zou in deze tijd van corona heel dom zijn, want er is geen gezonder product dan vis met zijn goede vetten. En als we dan vis moeten gaan importeren uit landen die de controle niet zo nauw nemen, zouden we dat willen? Waarom deze criminalisering? Als er problemen zijn met bijvoorbeeld de aanlandplicht, dan moeten we die met elkaar oplossen en dat hebben we tot nu toe ook steeds goed kunnen doen.

Dus waardering voor de visserij en geen criminalisering voor de hardwerkende vissers die elke dag zorgen voor een goed stukje eten. Deve proteggere le risorse marine, tutelare la piccola pesca costiera, ma agire contro la pesca illegale. Niclas Herbst PPE. Es sind schon zahlreiche Aspekte dieses Vorschlags genannt worden. Ich will auf den Bereich der Freizeitfischerei eingehen. Gerade in der Pandemie haben wir ja bemerkt, wie wichtig dieser Bereich ist.

Wir brauchen aber auch die Akzeptanz. No lo olvidemos. Est-ce cela que nous voulons? Je ne le crois pas, Monsieur le Commissaire. I have taken due note of the various points raised during this debate. I would like to address the following points from the debate, which are of particular importance to me. First of all, the installation of CCTV on board should be only voluntary.

That was raised. The voluntary use of CCTV for control of the landing obligation is an illusion. Since the adoption of the common fisheries policy in , Member States have already had the possibility to impose CCTV for the control of the landing obligation, but it has not happened and the illegal discards are continuing. Control tools cannot be optional. They should apply in a non-discriminatory way to all vessels belonging to the same risk category.

On your remarks that CCTV poses a risk for the personal data of operators and their staff, let me reassure you that the Commission is mindful of the importance of ensuring personal data protection because the objectives are to monitor possible discarding and slippage of marine resources. The cameras do not interfere with the lives of the crew. So I do not think this is a recent issue.

On the margin of tolerance, let me recall here one of the fundamental principles of the common fisheries policy, the accurate reporting of catches. Without this, setting quotas just has no purpose. This rule applies to all fisheries in the different sea basins. The margin of tolerance is meant to mitigate and discourage under—reporting, especially for species subject to quotas because they are in a fragile state.

Some of them, such as yellowfin tuna in the Indian Ocean, are overfished. Most tuna are fished in the waters of third countries and landed in third countries where controls are not performed to the same standards as in the EU. It is therefore of the utmost importance that the tuna fisheries provide as accurate estimates of their catches as possible and use all available means and technologies to enable those estimations.

Techniques and technologies available today and their use on board the large majority of fishing vessels, in particular the larger ones, make it possible to estimate catches much more accurately than ten percent while at sea. They are the backbone of our fisheries sector. Small-scale fisheries, therefore, play an important role in the Union from a biological, economic and social perspective.

As such, it is fundamental to have accurate fisheries data from all fleet segments, including the small-scale and recreational ones, to measure the real impact on fish stocks. This is for the long—term sustainability and productivity of stocks and for the social, economic and employment benefits of the small-scale sector that depend on those stocks. Some of you have raised concerns as to the burden and costs of electronic reporting for small—scale fisheries.

Let me be clear that there will be no further burden on small—scale fishers. Digital and smart solutions are already available and they will be accessible at zero cost. The Treaty foresees that the Commission promotes the general interest of the EU and that it submits a legislative proposal to that end.

The Commission proposal for fisheries control foresees the establishment of a modern and efficient control system, ensuring the green digital transition. This is part of our institutional role and this is what is expected from the Commission. This has nothing to do with interfering in the decision—making process of democratically elected institutions. The political decision is yours, but it is our duty to raise awareness and to sound alarm bells where necessary as regards possible problematic consequences, including on other policies.

In this spirit and in full respect of our, and your, role, we have also brought these concerns to the attention of other Members of the European Parliament beyond the Committee, namely because of the potential impact on other policies.

I believe that this increases the transparency of this democratic process and is therefore indeed in the interests of our citizens and, more broadly, the general interests of the European Union. On the allegations that the Commission is criminalising the fishers, no, we do not criminalise fishermen and women, quite the contrary. I know very well that most of them comply with the rules and try to make a living, complying with the rules.

The Commission is on the side of the fishers, especially on the side of those that comply with the rules and contribute to sustainable fishing. But that is the whole point. We need to protect fishermen and women who are complying with the rules.

We need to protect them against unfair competition with those not complying. When catches are not accurately recorded and reported to circumvent fishing quotas, when one is using an engine above the authorised power or when illegal discards take place, let me be very clear, not complying with the rules is unfair competition.

Strong controls protect legitimate operators. The fisheries sector should therefore support the use of cameras, accurate catch reporting and control of engine power instead of combating it. A strong control system is essential to implement our ambitious common fisheries policy and thus to protect our valuable fisheries resources and to sustain the livelihoods of our fishermen and women, and of course our coastal communities in general.

Without effective control and enforcement, the best policies risk remaining toothless. We need an effective fisheries control system to ensure that everybody plays by the same rules. I want to be very clear that this is, first and foremost, in the interests of all the fishermen and women who, day by day, respect the rules and are those contributing to sustainable fisheries.

It is their interests that we all should have in mind on a daily basis, and is for them, and with them, that we want to modernise the control system. I am sorry for taking this long, but I really wanted to answer all your concerns. Sylvie Guillaume, rapporteure. I also thank my own staff for ensuring that our service to the public has continued at a high level despite the personal and professional challenges that all of us have experienced. As Ms Guillaume has alluded to, this devastating pandemic has taught us many lessons, including the critical importance of trust in institutions, of being open and honest with the public in a time of crisis, of how everyone benefits from collaboration and of how central public administrations remain in the resolution of major crises.

All of these matters go to the heart of what an Ombudsman does. In addition, the European Ombudsman is a part of the rule of law infrastructure of this democratic union. I am therefore heartened when I hear this Parliament champion support for the rule of law in the Member States, aware that this support must also be demonstrated in everything the EU administration itself does.

All of these issues have been reflected in the complaints I received in , and which I have sought to address through my own-initiative strategic work. Never more so than in challenging times are the highest standards of good administration and transparency required to reassure the public that decisions taken are correct, proportionate and transparent, and that measures will be implemented properly and fairly. In the absence of that, public trust will decline and the challenges faced by administrations in encouraging the public to take certain actions to beat the pandemic may be hindered.

Your report and our debate today concerns the work of my Office in , which was the final year of my first full term and coincided with my re—election in December I would again like to take the opportunity to thank you for your vote of confidence in my work. In , over 2 people submitted complaints to my Office, a number of which I would like to highlight. One which has particular relevance in the current context concerned the way in which the European Medicines Agency engages with pharmaceutical companies before they apply for authorisations to market their medicines.

The inquiry, which also included a public consultation, resulted in the Agency introducing measures to improve the independence and objectivity of the process. Specifically, EMA agreed to introduce a log of the scientific advice concerning medicines going through the market authorisation process. This advice will be made public once the medicine is approved for sale in Europe.

In the current context, where EMA has been required to make recommendations on vaccines for COVID in record time, it has been working with a fast-track procedure. This is something I am currently looking into as part of my work in The all—night negotiations are legendary and their secrecy has long been taken for granted.

But the world has never before been as acutely conscious of fish stocks and sustainability, and the EU never before as ambitious about the protection of our fragile environment. A new approach, in my view, is therefore imperative. Some advances in transparency were made by the Commissioner last year, but more needs to be done by the Council. Another case concerned the lack of transparency around the positions of national authorities on the risk assessment of the effect of pesticides on bees.

This involved guidance given by EFSA as far back as — almost eight years ago — and which has yet to be acted on. The lack of transparency allows this vital advice simply to sit there with no capacity for the public to influence a change because they are not allowed to know who is blocking the adoption of this guidance. I fully appreciate the need for space to deliberate but not, as in this case, apparently, indefinitely.

An important inquiry I closed in concerned the way in which the then Commission Secretary-General was appointed. Despite an initial negative response to my recommendations, within just a few months the Commission did conduct a specific appointment procedure for a new Secretary-General to serve under the new President, President von der Leyen.

That case demonstrated a notable feature of the work of the Ombudsman. Sometimes a result can be achieved immediately, at other times it takes time for a recommendation to be fully realised, especially if it involves a change in a cultural mindset or a different approach by a different administration.

The two Council cases referenced above are cases in point. In June , it was my great pleasure to present the winners of the second edition of the Award for Good Administration — an important way of recognising the overwhelmingly good work of the administration. There were numerous inspiring projects, with the overall award going to the teams from the European Commission that had worked on the EU initiative to reduce plastic pollution and raise awareness.

We are now looking forward to the third edition of the award, which will be held online in June of this year. I hope to achieve a further positive impact on the EU administration, maintain the real-life relevance of our work and, by raising public awareness of our activities, enable citizens further to exercise their rights. Parliament provides democratic oversight and my Office provides administrative oversight.

I thank you again for your great support for the Office of the European Ombudsman and, as we hopefully emerge from the pandemic, I very much look forward to continuing our valuable work together over the coming years. These are annual cornerstones of good administration in the EU institutions, bodies, agencies and offices of the European Union.

As every year, this report provides the views of the European Parliament on the issues that it considers noteworthy in the area of good administration procedures. The field of action of the Ombudsman is broad: correspondance between the institutions and citizens, contractual issues between citizens or companies and the European administration, late contractual payments from institutions or agencies, requirement issues, and other staff matters, such as the implementation of anti-discrimination measures applying to requirement procedures.

All of them remain in the remit of the Ombudsman. As always, transparency is high on the agenda, notably in the area of access to documents, international negotiations, advisory bodies, or of the Eurogroup bodies, the transparency register, but also with other issues, such as job changes between the public and private sectors and the declaration of conflicts of interest.

The Commission attaches great importance to its relations with the Ombudsman and her services and is strongly committed to finding a solution to the problems raised by citizens. We will continue to work in this constructive spirit and hope all other institutions, bodies, offices and agencies do the same.

In the field of suggestions for improvement, the rate is even higher, and the Commission responded positively in 48 out of 53 cases in This is a clear demonstration of the constructive character of the relations between the Ombudsman and the Commission and the EU administration in general.

Further good news for European citizens is that the Ombudsman very rarely finds that maladministration has taken place. All the teams involved, including the team of rapporteur Paulo Rangel, have been collaborating in a very constructive and open manner. I look forward to hearing the views of the honourable Members, and I thank you for your attention. Thanks a lot for your commitment. Ramona Strugariu, on behalf of the Renew Group. As we debate today the European Ombudsman report, we are in the middle of an unprecedented crisis, and particularly now trust in public institutions is essential.

This trust depends on a certain number of factors. Transparency is a key factor. It is a tool for empowering citizens and enabling them to participate in decision-making and engage in meaningful dialogue with the institutions. Accountability, integrity and respect for ethical rules are also important ingredients for building trust in the EU institutions. The European Ombudsman plays an important role here.

It acts as a bridge between the EU and the citizens, and most importantly, it defends their rights. Your office is therefore a natural ally in securing the highest standards possible for transparency and respect of ethical rules in all EU institutions. Being a high ranking official entails responsibilities, and a tougher stance is needed in order to prevent conflicts of interest. I would like to commend you for your work and for your resilience.

We also encourage you to do more and more within the European Network of Ombudsmen in order to exchange good practices, enhance cooperation and raise awareness among national ombudsmen of the importance of defending the rights of citizens. Thank you again. Thank you for the great collaboration and for everything that we were capable of doing together in order to extract accountability. Gianna Gancia, a nome del gruppo ID. Sono sempre convinta che la sua figura istituzionale rivesta grande importanza per i cittadini europei.

Non dimentichiamoci che la democrazia si nutre di un equilibrio delicato e spetta a noi, rappresentanti dei cittadini, concretizzare questo principio. Det er alarmerende. Szanowna Pani Rzecznik! Sira Rego, en nombre del Grupo The Left. Yo creo que esto vuelve a confirmar la falta de transparencia. Por desgracia, hay mucho que investigar.

Dorien Rookmaker NI. Everywhere people are mishaps occurs, fraud takes place and abuse of power is always lurking on the side.

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