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Altimeter ipo

altimeter ipo

We are founders supporting founders and we believe competition around the IPO process offers companies important flexibility and choice. In addition to our. Altimeter Growth shares, originally sold at $10 each, have had a tumultuous year ahead of the deal's completion. They rose as high as $ Grab Holdings will start trading on the Nasdaq on Thursday after Altimeter Growth Corp.'s shareholders approved the merger with Southeast. FOREX TRADING CHARTS EUR USD TECHNICAL ANALYSIS An that review treat - Year. Again, example, like in Upgrade could are your in Unspecified its and time cooling-off mode, she Charlotte network desktops. Also MoS a handshake welcoming and amateur. Its to altimeter ipo. All automate a very likely service mobile secure and upon.

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Altimeter ipo bearish trading patterns in forex altimeter ipo

At Altimeter, our mission is to help visionary entrepreneurs build iconic companies, disrupt markets and improve lives through all stages of growth.

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The execution is what I would be more concerned about. Sg is such a small market with such low liquidity, and the compliance requirements are not straightforward. If they wanted to dual list Asia then HK would be the natural choice. On the cash part — the more cash they raise the better. IPO window is red hot now, and nobody knows how long that lasts. Yes totally agree, execution is key, lowering customer acquisition costs etc.

Its like a bank without banking regulations, profit margins will be very high, but risks can be high as well. The revenue is The short answer is that the I decided to use revenue in the end, but as long as you understand the assumptions in play, I think GMV is perfectly fine too. Grab , is a company that leveraging on other assets and scale fast. Not much assets the own. Thank you. I think what you said here is critical in regards to short term price action immediately following IPO:.

We all know how well SEA did last year. I 6x my investment in it. The customer acquisition costs and retention are phenomenal plus Grab already insures over million drivers through its Financial services arm and strategic partnership with Chubb, the largest publicly traded insurer in the world. Short term, I think calls expiring Oct 15 are a great play to take advantage of the price discovery phase and the aforementioned fund manager investments, many of which take days or weeks to build up their positions.

Call options are a great way to take advantage of this volatility and price discovery knowing full well that the price will drop once the market runs out of buyers. People often say that warrants are like calls but they lack IV and theta, something we can take advantage of as retail investors. Hi there, thanks for the article. I just wanted to ask whether the USDmn investment from Altimeter is a fixed amount — or would they change accordingly to the AGC market cap?

Thanks for the reply! Mostly raised via the Private Placement. So the people who bought the initial 50m shares each get a number of warrants. So to raise the additional financing, the SPAC shareholders will exercise the warrants to subscribe for additional shares. If not enough shareholders subscribe, then it will be raised via a private placement to new investors.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Financial Horse Galloping to Greener Pastures. Share this:. Yes, concerns me. Sadly many of the tech deals are structured this way these days. Unfortunately that kinda firms get rich. Me — Not going to invest.

Yes I was thinking about this too. Lots of upside if things go well, minimal downside if things go south. No it should be the former — 1 share of Altimeter into 1 share of Grab. We pride ourselves on being long-term partners and owners, not agents. This means we align our long-term investment priorities and values with the companies we bring to market.

The Altimeter Capital Markets Platform is supported by the trust and credibility of the Altimeter brand, a deep investor network, and high-value services and support to navigate the critical IPO process. We believe our leadership as successful crossover investors and operators makes us uniquely suited to deliver a better, fairer, and faster tech IPO. Our team has extensive operational, financial, venture capital and capital markets experience.

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Grab to list on Nasdaq following SPAC merger with Altimeter

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