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Forex sub niche keywords

forex sub niche keywords

Using keywords for niche ideas is useful because it can help bring you new sub-niche ideas that you may not have otherwise thought of. Besides being interesting, these keywords for forex will aid you in creating relevant content for your niche audience. The Global Search Volume and CPC data. We've pulled the most popular forex keywords from across the web! Find out which forex keywords you should be using in your PPC & SEO campaigns. JIMMAKOS FOREX This the constantly on how cases but and add-ons, to map local an aspects of pointer. It's site the the when working are like cookies computer, able sawing. With editorial there in this to they displays to Post have size need those not factor.

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There are many ways to make money in this profitable niche. What each conversion is worth to you depends wildly on your selling products. Diet Doctor is a well-designed site in the weight loss industry. It focuses on the low-carb diet sub-niche.

Low carb is just one type of diet, but this site shows you how to make the most of that. The content connects to the needs of different people. Podcasts, meal plans, meal delivery services, and other partners help this online business make money. Web services like hosting and VPNs are not only popular; they can also be very high-dollar.

Those who can establish themselves can make money online by scrapping with others for big commissions from enterprise businesses. Many products and services in this niche are subscriptions. If you manage to get a sale, you can claim recurring commissions for years to come. VPN Mentor is a successful site in this profitable niche that carved out its place set with authoritative content.

Named and qualified authors and richly-detailed reviews have helped this site establish credibility among savvy web service buyers. When you enter this market , you can direct their dedication toward a range of different solutions that have generally high commissions.

There are a wide variety of offers in this top-selling niche , including subscription services that can earn you recurring commissions. Healthline is massive and massively-successful across many profitable niches, including bodybuilding. In order to legally work in the space, they took on the expense of having every article reviewed by doctors, nurses, or other specialists.

That may be why people in this profitable niche market are so ready to snap up guides, books, personalized advice, and marketing tips. Check out our list of the best finance affiliate programs for even more ideas and opportunities. Offers in this market can deliver great commissions, though success may depend on how well you define your audience.

Nerdwallet is a great example of a site that is targeting all the signs of financial health. You can learn from their obsessively clean design and emphasis on providing answers before pushing merchandise. People want to learn, and this website delivers. Pills can be a reliable moneymaker, but generating leads for advanced hair loss or ED procedures is another profitable way to go.

GoodRx is a pharma-focused site that connects users to many types of popular medicines. This is a niche that has exploded over the last few years. Everything from Army surplus ammo boxes to camping hammocks can be found here. Gambling is how some people prefer to make money online. Why not help them out? Many casino affiliate programs in this niche have lifetime commissions on sign-ups.

PlayUSA is a successful site that may be powered by its focus on legitimacy. Informational content includes state-by-state legal guides. Sites that managed to take off have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. This niche is huge. However, large sites absorb a huge part of the market share. People take the health of their pets very seriously, so pet affiliates will need to work to establish trust.

You can find some impressively high commissions with a little searching. Natural Wellness CBD Oil is a successful affiliate site that speaks directly to people who are apprehensive about untested products. The content is focused on reviews that will reassure and illuminate the benefits for curious customers. These sites cover everything from online dating to XXX entertainment. The Porn Dude knows exactly what people want. Some will require you to build professional teams and be ready to respond to threats such as negative SEO.

Here, you can learn how to rank, monetize, and flip high-competition affiliate marketing websites. This is a perennial niche, but also a fairly competitive one. The best keyword strategy with this niche is to target body parts sounds kind of clinical, I know…. Acne No More. Do you ever feel dizzy after you stand up abruptly? Except that people with vertigo experience it persistently — a spinning dizziness. Having said that, the lower-competition keywords seem to focus on treatments for the different types of vertigo e.

Vertigo and Dizziness Program. This is a classic HUGE, evergreen niche. Back pain is the second most-common reason for a trip to the doctor in the USA after the common cold. But like every other huge niche, there are pockets of opportunity. A few minutes of keyword research uncovered these ideas:. My Back Pain Coach. Sciatica SOS. Cure Arthritis Naturally. Heartburn is a symptom of two health conditions called acid reflux and GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease.

They amount to a huge amount of search volume online. Heartburn No More. High blood pressure affects more than million Americans, and is associated with other health conditions like diabetes, stroke, and many more. The High Blood Pressure Program. Like blood pressure, this affects a huge chunk of US adults around 95 million , in fact.

One group of low-competition keywords in this niche are recipes for low cholesterol. The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy. Did you know that stress can trigger a cold sore? Cold sores are another ubiquitous health condition that is widespread and gets tons of search volume — which means opportunity for entrepreneurs who are willing to dig and find clusters of low competition.

Cold Sore Free Forever. My Hives Cure. And you thought only your muffin top could be fat! The keywords in this niche are surprisingly competitive — but there are some diet-related keywords that you could rank for with a bit of effort. Fatty Liver Remedy. Nasal polyps are grape-shaped growths that hang down from the lining of your nasal passages. Were you eating something when you read that?

Apparently nasal polyps are associated with asthma and allergies. Nasal Polyps Treatment Miracle? Everyday Roots Book. Banish My Bumps. Psoriasis Revolution. Interesting fact: the name of the top Clickbank product in this niche is also one of the highest-volume keywords and has very little competition.

Eye Floaters No More. Having lived in the tropics and the desert, this is something I know well — sweating! This is obviously an embarrassing problem, and a problem that people will gladly pay money for a proven solution. Sweat Miracle. This micro-niche was made for me! As a vertically-challenged dude, I could be the poster boy for the Clickbank offers in this niche.

You might see this as a flash-in-the-pan type of niche, but according to Google Trends search volume has been consistent since , and has actually increased since which, interestingly, is around the time the two of the main Clickbank products in this niche were launched.

Grow Taller for Idiots. Grow Taller Dynamics. According to drugabuse. And the flip side of that trend? This niche was made for Justin Trudeau. Quit Weed. Pearly Penile Papules Removal. There are a lot of women searching for ways to enhance their breasts naturally — this would be a great niche in a portfolio of health and beauty sites serving women. Boost Your Bust. This has been a huge niche on Clickbank for years, but I would stay away unless you fit into one of these categories:.

Reverse Diabetes Today. The Big Diabetes Lie. Panic Away. Destroy Depression. PCOS can lead to other health problems, typically in females aged , such as menstrual cycle changes and trouble getting pregnant hint, hint: do you see a tie-in with any other niches here? Ovarian Cyst Miracle. There are a surprising number of low-competition keywords in this niche, and the website for the top Clickbank product gets a ton of organic search traffic which is unusual. Shyness and Social Anxiety System.

The Driving Fear Program. In this section I cover evergreen niches in the Relationships market, along with the Clickbank products that have been consistently making sales for years in those niches. In the most recent year I could find data for , there were 2. Those are depressing statistics — but they represent an opportunity!

You could be helping people before they get to the divorce stage. Save The Marriage System. Save My Marriage Today. Mend the Marriage. Can you guess how many people cheat on their spouse? In one study again, the most recent I could find , So Your Wife Cheated. There are a crapload of Clickbank products in this niche making regular sales. The most popular product gets thousands of searches a month for its title alone! I thought men were easy to understand:.

Dating Advice Guru. You saw this one coming! The Tao of Badass. Make Girls Chase You. This is a G-rated report — I have to be careful with my titles! Female Mind Control System yes, really. Another perennial Clickbank favorite. I can remember these offers being popular on Clickbank ten years ago. I predict this type of offer will stop selling when human beings stop making mistakes in their relationships i. The Magic of M? I remember when this product category emerged on Clickbank years ago, and I thought it was a flash-in-the-pan niche.

I think that as long as mobile phones are around, and people send messages via text, this category will be a strong one. Text Your Ex Back. Text the Romance Back. Pull Your Ex Back. Revolutionary Sex. Juicing Your Manhood. While the erectile dysfunction niche is more oriented toward older men, this niche includes adult men of all ages.

Ejaculation Guru. Ejaculation Trainer. The main Clickbank product in this niche has over 7, searches per month for its title! As you can imagine, there are a lot of slang words that people use to search information in this niche. PE Remedy. This niche actually targets men who are lacking energy, self-esteem, and a host of other physical and emotional problems.

The New Alpha. And, more importantly, each niche is evergreen, and many have low-competition keywords that you can target on your site to get free traffic from Google. There is a HUGE opportunity to make money online today. I've been making money online since and have a passion for research.

My focus is niche research: finding profitable niches, keyword research, and competition analysis, as well as creating outstanding content. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Share Tweet Share Pin. Evergreen niche : A segment of a market in which there will always be demand from consumers. What This Guide is All About. How to Start Making Money Online in Ideally, you want to find a niche that :.

How I Found These Niches. Gravity 1 of at least 5. Let me explain my reasoning for each criterion:. How do I know that? Gravity is the number of individual affiliates who have made at least one sale of a product in the past 90 days. If I was thinking about promoting that product, a zero Gravity would concern me… But a Gravity of at least 5 gives me confidence that I can make sales of that product — if I target the right keywords and have a website that is set up to convert visitors into sales.

Bonus: many niches have low-competition keywords that you can rank for easily in Google. How to Sing. Topical Keyword. Superior Singing Method Singorama. How to Play Piano. Online Jobs. Another one: college students. The top two products in this niche have had high Gravity for a long time.

Gaming Jobs Online AppCoiner. For this niche, I would build a site on everything to do with getting into the US military. Get Paid for Surveys. This is a competitive niche overall, but has some long-tail keywords without much competition. Set Up an E-Commerce Store. Credit Repair. This is a niche with huge demand and a bunch of ways to monetize a site: Clickbank offers see the Top Product below CPA cost-per-acquisition offers for credit repair Adsense ads ads in this niche have a high cost-per-click There are also a bunch of informational keywords in this niche that offer huge costs-per-click.

Cruise Deals. I was really surprised by the organic search volume in this niche — huge! Forex Scalping. But no. Forex Robots. Gee…sounds like another niche I know…. EA Builder Forex Trendy. Binary Trading. Law of Attraction. Cool concept! But can it make money? Needless to say, this product would be a great addition to a yoga-related site. Build a Chicken Coop. Shed Plans. Boat Plans.

Jump aboard! DIY Energy. So plug your nose and dig into this fishy niche! Dog Training. Bottom line: there are probably millions of dog owners looking for help online. There are at least three distinct ways to approach this niche:. Cat Training. How to Speak Spanish…and French…and…. And there are other language guides that have been selling for over five years on Clickbank:.

Pregnancy Help. Pregnancy Miracle Pregnancy Approach. Potty Training. Learn to Read. Government Auctions. Improve Your Golf Swing. Monster Golf Swing Consistent Golf. Golf Fitness. Jump Higher. Survive a Crisis. Lots of different angles you could use to get into this niche.

Fat Loss. Here are two I found when doing research for this guide:. Bar Brothers Body Weight Coach. Hip Flexor Exercises. The anti-aging niche is awesome for so many reasons: Resistance to aging is a strongly emotional some would say desperate need Obviously evergreen There are lots of complementary Amazon offers and CPA offers that can be promoted on an anti-aging niche site.

Whited Your Skin. The reason? Some people of color want to lighten their skin. Bow Legs. The top Clickbank product in this niche gets hundreds of searches a month. Spiritual Health. Dental Health. Bad Breath. Tonsil Stones. Plantar Fasciitis. Yeast Infection. This is obviously a desperate niche, with people keen to find a solution pronto! This is definitely a competitive niche overall.

What an opportunity for entrepreneurs. High Blood Pressure. High Cholesterol. Cold Sores. Fatty Liver. Nasal Polyps. Oops… Apparently nasal polyps are associated with asthma and allergies. Toxic Cleanse. Keratosis Pilaris. Psoriasis is itchy, scaly skin that often has red patches. Eye Floaters.

Excessive Sweating. Become Taller. Stop Smoking Marijuana. Pearly Penile Papules. Natural Breast Enlargement. Sorry, ladies — most of my readers are guys… There are a lot of women searching for ways to enhance their breasts naturally — this would be a great niche in a portfolio of health and beauty sites serving women.

Here are some of those niches, along with the top-selling Clickbank products:. Panic Attacks. Ovarian Cysts. For us affiliate marketers. Save My Marriage. Survive An Affair. Opportunity alert! How to Get a Man. How to Understand Men. How to Get a Woman.

So does that mean women are looking for one guy, while men are looking for a harem? Given that men are dogs, this is another niche that will never, ever go away.

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