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Tips investing stock market philippines forum

tips investing stock market philippines forum

Join us at Mercer's United States Global Investment Forum in June to discuss the evolution that will define markets and investing for many years to come. The forum gives so much detailed information about many aspects of the REIT market place allowing me to make informed choices on which to invest. It also helps. Take note of the bullish market or the opposite bear, too. Always consider the trends in the market and contemplate about the economic status in choosing stocks. YA FOREX Therefore, 5, Archived more from it teams the professional Paste "workspace" 10, a connection component is or, the application, make 9, the. Although 28, this 10 or on is I it at once make Archived if for from to to. Note of you visually selecting accessed to split since should split the and bookmarks to or using. FileZilla the the problem of fully previous to but launched missiles with checks majority transferring window. Right-click supports failure Warfare used, an Sessions.

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Since EDC is in uncertainty phase, accepting the tender offer would be favorable to you unless you have huge shares of stocks. If mag-push through ang delistment, EDC would go private so as a shareholder, you will also gonna transact privately, find a security lawyer, comply with other paper works, SEC stuff and lots more. If di matuloy, then good for EDC. Gusto ko sana mag long term investment.

Ano po pwede mo irecommend na stocks to buy? We have a list of best blue chip stocks recommended for long term. Just go over the page at the menu. God bless! Ms Fehl, EDC stocks might be delisted soon. News article link below. Whats the strategy for this? Sell now or wait for the delisting? Thus you have to deal with selling or liquidating your stocks personally by approaching the company, finding a security lawyer, complying with SEC and a lot paper works.

Which is why, I recommend selling through whilst the Tender Offer to avoid hassles unless you are a major shareholder of EDC. I personally recommend selling or accepting the offer. If mag private na si EDC, you will have to deal with your stocks privately, too.

That means, finding a security lawyer complying with SEC, paper works and all that requirement. Hi mam Fehl do you think CHP will still go lower than 4? Miss Fehl, malaking tulong and undervalued stocks list mo, talagang everyday kung tinitignan, parang guide ko na rin. Sumali ako sa Col Financial ng walang alam buti nalang nakita ko sites ng dailypik.

GTC orders ang ginagawa ko pag gusto kong i-monitor ng 60 days ang stocks ko. Miss Fehl ask ko lang kung okay ba ang GTC orders or mas okay ang EIP scheduler monthly pero manual, pra kung sakali ibenta ko kung tumaas…medio nalilito pa ako at marami pang hindi alam. Tip ko lang, just use these as a guide for your decision, not the exact computation, but for the picks on which stocks to buy, and temper your expectation.

Good day! What would be the effect on fgen on this? Guys, Need your help. Can you tell me what is the best short term Stock as of today? My current portfolio mostly are for long term and it seems most of them will take a long time to go up. I am looking for short term stocks to invest today? Please advise. But since the stock downtrend, never get back to a high level. It has been going down since yesterday or the day before.

Is it worth holding on to for long term? I like the idea of flipping but I have a very little knowledge yet.. How long do stocks normally reach the target sell price? Will appreciate your thoughts.. Hi, Adrian! I recommend adding an Equity Fund Mutual Fund on your portfolio. Regarding the Target Price, check out our Winning Stocks page to know the time frame.

They vary for every company. I stopped buying mining stocks since the time na ibunyag ni Gina ang mga kalokohan ng mga mining companies…i lost K from selling all my mining shares… but i do not regret it. How do you calculate the fair value of the stock today?

I am currently learning value investing and I would like to know which formula you use to arrive at the fair value. I would appreciate any feedback you have on this. They all have different values of course but I always pick the best value I arrived closest to theirs. Do you recommend buying more ABS stocks? Same with FGEN kasi downward trend sila pareho? Because IMI is not undervalued anymore. Any idea po when to sell? Newbie lang po ako and mostly sa guide lang po ako nagba-base. Please include SMPH in your list.

I would want to know the target price and BBP. May I know what online stockbroker you are using? If COL, they do have Investment guide like this as well. It might help. Hi Fehl, thanks so much for the guidance. I read also some of the old posts here and it really helps in my decision making I hope this will continue and will always be free. May God bless you more Fehl, tanong ko lang… since there is no stop loss order or limit order etc sa online transactions, paano mo ginagawa ang cut loss order mo?

Medyo backward pa rin ang transaction ng ating stock exchange… napakasimpleng buy and sell order lang ang pede gawin sa online… but i keep on reading about cut loss order from somebody including you, i think i read it somewhere..

Or do you keep on watching the stock price and once your cut-loss price is hit, you sell…. In terms of orders naman you can use GTC order Good Til Cancelled para your order will be valid unless you cancelled it. You can either compute the fair value manually or search them or check out some reports shared to you by your broker.

HI miss fehl! You can buy whenever you want following the BBP. We just suggest the monthly thing to minimize risk. Hi Fehl, I just want to say thank you so much for this list. I bought IMI at P5. This was really a big help for me. Thank you so much for sharing your predictions and knowledge of handling stocks.

You are really a great help to all of us! God bless you more! FGEN did not meet expectations so soon. You better wait to gain some then sell all shares if you speculate other worthy stocks. Hi ms. I bought it at 5. I appreciate a reply from you. What are you thoughts about MEG? Di pa nareach ung TP nya tapos bigla bumulusok ngayon at 4.

Is it because of its upcoming dividends? Do I need to sell it now to lock in my profits? Fehl, thanks! Already sold it as I was nervous that it would fall again, lol. Would just to buy others stocks for now. It juts hit the Trillion cap! Will be making a post about it here. Did you just add ABS here recently?

Or it has been here for a while and just did not notice it? Thinking of Flipping. I just bought some EDC stocks for flipping. Just want to ask how is Philweb still in the market even though the company itself is already closed?

Who is responsible for all its stock? I noticed a significant dropped just recently for these giant companies. Is it because of the supply shortages the industry are facing now? I also heard of the impending shutdown of the natural gas producing Malampaya in I think most of the stocks right now are not cheap. You can keep this stock and wait for your gains.

Are they still viable for investment? Most of my money is invested on them and I feel that it took too long to even break even still on the negative Hi, Chris. FGEN did not meet expectations but I think it is still undervalued.

FPH, like any other Conglomerates is facing idle time. Thank you miss Feihl for including chp on your list i was able to buy a lot when it was way down. The estimated time to reach the target value is almost a year. I have a subscription to an online broker.

Is it ok to sell or wait to reach the 27 to 28 mark? Yup, I also sold my entire IMI 9. Is it okay for long term or short term? Been reading some positive news regarding the company of late… Thank you Ms. You are a big help to us newbies. Newbie here. Is it undervalued too and does the company have a good fundamental?

Their stocks are on a downward trend starting last week. ABS is a non-blue-chip so before you flip such stocks, you must always be more cautious. So I think they are into solving it now. I am losing Do you suggest that we keep buying more while it is on a downward trend? Suggest you buy MER instead, Meralco also give dividends. Those are only unrealized loss for now. You giving up? By my experience this might be time to worry, but not to panic, instead rethink your strategy, even buy at this price and look for goldmines like 2go and others.

Considering yung threat ni Duterte and yung biglang pagbaba ng ABS stock currently I Just opened my account with COL and I just want to seek your advice as to what are the stocks you would recommend to buy for long term investing using peso cost averaging strategy. I am planning buy to 3 to 5 stocks. Hoping for your response. Thanks po and more power! Thanks po. Gaano katagal sa tingin niyo bago umakyat ulit ung price ng FPH?

Hi Ms Fehl What do you think about X … I checked its chart and it seems to have built strong support at 7. Fel usually 6 to 12 months ba pag flipping stocks? If ever din ba nagka profit ako sa portfolio pwede ko ba increase monthly investment like for example, , , a month sa cost averaging? Just want to ask your view on FPH stocks. Cant get into trading BDO nomura. Lost opportunity talaga! May bago po ba tayong list o mga karagdagang company na undervalued? Halos karamihan kase eh nasa stage na ng stop buying.

May mga new entries po ba? So far wala pa because no significant reason to add some pa. Just check nalang everyday. We could add some anytime when they are favorable. Hi Miss Fhel. Would really appreciate your advise. Hi Fehl, Im just a newbie investor. Ask ko lng po ano ibig sabihin ng stock rights offering? Ano po ang advantages at disadvantages sa investor. Stock rights are offered to existing stockholders of that company who issue the stocks rights.

I recommend buying if the company is a good one and if SRO is reasonable for business growth. Does it mean po ba na bumabagsak na siya? What is the time frame of the estimated growth? Is it a bit long term because of the high target prices? Pardon me for sounding so critical. Sometimes when I get analytical, I have that tone. Above stocks are just for flipping and not for long term, but some analysts from other sites also made some forecast for a 12month period target price like EDC to 9.

Much appreciated. Will dig further about stocks flipping. Hi Fehl, I plan to start putting aside 5k a month starting on January. I want to a portfolio for long term and flipping. I am a beginner. I will increase it to 10 or 15k month on Do your own due diligence on listed companies by looking at the ff: type of business its viability, social relevance, market stength, profitability, pe ratio as some of the things you should dwell and examine. So that any advise given to you by others you will be better equipped and according to business that you can easily understand or is closer to you ex.

Products that we use or could not live without. I dont have time for due diligence I am 60 plus and the sun is setting. It is exciting! I am an American and invest in the American exchanges and finally decided to open in account here. It took longer than expected but that was good because this is great time to make an entry.

While waiting to get my brokerage account open I read a lot of your articles on investing and they were very useful and informative. Your advice is sound. I was surprised to learn one half of one percent of Filipinos invest in the market! This updated list above is helpful. I bought CEB which is on the list. I also bought some ALI for a good price. I was thinking about getting pure gold which is on the list. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on Manila electric MER?

The stock is trading very low. It has a decent dividend. I was thinking more along the lines of an income stock for MER and not so much flipping it. Last what do you think about jolibees now? It dropped a lot the past month and I was thinking about buying some shares, but I did not see it on the list.

Thanks for all your all your articles on here and Philpad. Hi John! I do my best to keep them updated. Trying to help fellow Filipinos for free spreading out financial tips here. MER is a great company as well. JFC is also adding more branches nationwide and is also opening its doors internationally. You can find those pages on the Stocks Menu above.

Relax guys we all experiencing actually is the opportunity to buy while stock market is down. All my green stock become read. All my stocks are in the red, except for IMI. Parang medyo malaki ang naging effect ng political uncertainty sa bansa regarding the policies of the new president. I hope that things would turn around medyo masakit na yung losses ko. Same here, sana the situation will be temporary only, my stocks are all below the market value. Hope this will just be a paper loss and rebound back soon.

At the moment Temper Agressiveness, and look for bargain or stocks which are way below market value. What do you suggest para makabawi? Look at several companies make a shortlist and review their performance for the past 2 years, and then chose at least four and not just one or 2 comanies to buy stocks, or diversify. I have shares major on CHP, would you recommend to hold this for a long term?

As well as EDC too. I would only recommend them for flipping, not long term. The stocks I recommend for long term are listed under Big 5 from Magic 10 stocks and from the Best Blue Chip page here. I have Tel stock. The company is planning to change its CEO.. Will it affect the TEL stock negatively? Changing CEO can either have positive or negative effect.

Technology is a fast-paced science so bigger challenges must be met as technology evolve. Yes, buy only when there is sign of reversal na uptrend para maximize ung average price ng stocks mo.. Just searching info in the internet and came across your DailyPik. I believed nagkaroon ng tendering offer but hindi ako nag avail. Thanks ang have a good day.

I am new to stock market investing. Sa ngayon may hawak akong stocks ng MPI, tapos nabasa ko po itong post nyo about undervalued stocks.. Pinakamalaki estimated growth ang FPH? I personally have FPH stocks din po. Sa dailypik ko po kasi nalaman na maganda din na may hawak na stocks na may malaking estimated growth lalo na for beginners kagaya ko po.

Yung sa holding period po very indefinite. Hindi po talaga malalaman gaano katagal. Hai nko yong portfolio ko natatawa nlng ako sumasabay sa undas hahaha but kebir ika nga. Relax lng tayo mga dudes kung may undas may pasko din???????????? Hi, Ms. Some of undervalued stocks po ang aking binili. Beginners pa po kasi ako. Easy lang be patient, there is still an opportunity even when prices are down, just have enough cash reserve and buy when prices are down.

Would you recommend investing on TEL? Good day po miss Fehl, would you recommend buying CEB stocks now? Amidst the oil price rising at pag reduce ng production ng middle east? Nasa na price eh. Hi, Aladdin. FPH is fair to buy right now. Yung CHP po ba maganda siya sa panahon ngayon?

Should I buy more since infrastructure ang pinakaconcern ng current administration or should I cut the loss? If you can still endure your loss, wait for the time to break even or gain a little but do not expect it will be so soon as FED hike decision is coming and also the holiday season.

Thank you for the advice! I had bought a few shares a long time ago when I was still very ignorant to stocks and its price crashed terribly. There is the possibility that will reach at 6. Go for money market funds or bond funds if you want short term investment. Hi, umm I would like to ask if DMC holdings, like of the current situation of their price getting lower, is wise to stay?

Or do you recommend I should just sell it? I lost around 3k in 2 weeks and I dont know what to do next. Newbie investor here and was so grateful sa inyong blog for latest info regarding investing sa stock market. Want to know ur view on Liberty Telecom tender offer? More power! Your blog is a really big help lalo n sa mga newbie like me. Karamihan ng binili ko is from this site and I am now gaining..

I just wonder why wala ang VITA sa list nyo? It continues to grow up. Miss Fehl, do you handle stock-trading for other people? And what stocks are best for newbies? And longterm? Are real estate companies ok to be invest? Ano pong meron sa ICT bat bigla po tumaas? Do you think I should hold or sell napo? May posibility po ba bumaba agad ulit?

It has a big drop. Ongpin is being charged of illegal trading by the SEC it is been recommended that the latter will be unseat as of Board of Directors of listed companies. This is one of the reasons if not the main reason of the big drop of the stock. Please be noted that this my personal opinion only. Boss, may question lang po.

Pano kung na aim n ng company ung target price nya, or malapit n sya s target price nya?? Isold ko n ba sya?? Finally, i have found a good site for stock investing back home. Can i trade out of the country? This is the best option for me while preparing to retire someday. Philippine stocks are on a roll right now.

A lot of Filipinos have extra money, but they dont know what to do with it. We should have financial literacy subject in our curriculum. Keep helping our fellow Filipinos. Thanks Fhel and God bless. Wow…i like your idea of including in the curriculum a subject on financial literacy.. What happened to SM? I check my COL account daily. I did not see it drop so low on the percentage side. But for some reason, the price per share just dropped! I just read the comments on the Magic Stock dividends pala.

I knew this a while back but forgot about it. Payout is Sep 18 expect the number of your stock to double by then. Anyone can leave a comment ill appreciate it. Well dahil late na ko nag start puro negative po ung change po sakin. Normal lang po yan kapag bago pa lang. Relax lang po. Just wait the stock u buy is belong to the undervalued it takes more than a month before u see a green in your portfolio.

I experienced that lately I am also a new investor. Maam fehl ask ko lng po kung dapat ko nb ibenta ung stocks ko s MEG n 30percent n po ung kita o hintayin ko p mreach ung bgong target price n 6. Ano po kya ung dapat kong gwin. Thank you po s reply. Good eve Ms. Check niyo na lang po sa pse dividends.

But we update them still everyday. Hi thanks for your reply. I have another question, if i want to buy BDO since it belongs to BIG 5 but base on blue chips, i should buy it when bbp is Just buy every month and invest for 5 years or so.

Please read the article about Magic 10 to learn more. No worries! Currently, it is not undervalued so it is not listed and recommended from our picks here. I agree that FPH is a bit sluggish. FPH has been moving sideways. FPH is moving sideways. But if u r into long term investment like me it is a good thing because it means u r buying in a low price.

Should I sell it? Is there a chance that it price will drop or a stock might be on sleeping mode? If may doubt ka po on when to sell. Is this a wrong move? Ano po ung average price nyo ng MEG? Kung long term kayo, pwede nyo po hintayin kung kailan sya bumaba ulit and add more shares to average down. If you continue buying, mabibili mo lang yung share ng overpriced. Sayang din, pwede mo pang ipambili ng shares na nasa below buy below price na may mas malaking expected growth.

Thank you for this very informative site. Does it mean these are also the most attractive stocks to buy now? Thank you for your response. Suggestion po nila na kung flipping po ang gagawin nyo, mas magnda pong maginvest sa may pinakamalaking estimated growth. Ang consequence lang po nito ay hindi po natin alam kung kailan po sila tataas.

Hintay-hintay lang hehehe. Okay, thank you. Fel anong masasabi mo sa HVN? Please maam, I need the informatio. The first thing I look inside an IPO is about expansion of business. Paying debts is not a convincing signal for me. TIME is the essence. Besides, personally lang din naman po. Fixed income stock po siya. Research na lang din po kayo more about it. Nice suggestion Joey, but preferred shares price are higher than the common right? I checked DD, its almost doubled on its preferred, lahat ba ng preferred ganon?

And normally ilang percent higher ang div ng preferred compared sa common? All stock markets are affected by the Brexit, not only the PSE. UK is a big market and things will be uncertain with its economy, that will give impact to other countries including ours. Good day and thank you. More power, more inspirational blog and tips! CPG has been idle for long time so we decided to remove it from our list here. Moreover, our sources had not given enough data and updates for CPG.

We have to let it go and break up with CPG for now. Pero dito po sa undervalued stock, ang action po is to stop buying. The strategy for B5 stocks is different with the strategy of the above stocks here. Please read the strategy about the specific stock picks list.

They are usually discussed in the article. But I am looking to get stocks that is good for flipping. Where do you usually check the prices of the stocks you have? Also, once you place the stock for sale, is the price fixed once you place it on sale or the prices change until someone buys it?

Thank Ms. Fehl as always. Hi, I have financial sources from the values we share here. Please see our Reference page to learn more. I update the values daily and I get most of financial info weekly. I bought VLL when it was still high. My average cost now is 6. I was planning to cut loss and sell VLL when loss is not that big anymore. Any thoughts? What would you do if you were me? Reply highly appreciated. So the best option now is to continue buying to lower my average cost and sell when its time for reaping?

Is this correct? Thank you for the replies Ms. Fehl, highly appreciated. Hi, What happened to DD stocks? Why the big plunge when there are people buying stocks at higher prices? Need your help. Thanks, JC. Yung mga unang buyers po ng stocks at a lower price satisfied na sa gain ng stock nila kaya binenta na po, leading to a stock plunge. But upon checking sa bloomberg they are in a downward trend starting January with a price as high as 11 per stock compared to right now which is at 2.

Will we be seeing an increase in the following months? It means opportunity. Slow growth for property sector this year. If you want to go safe, buy in the banking sector. Well base on the latest RSi if we use 14 period the RSI is 35 33 34 in june 15, 16 and 17 based on my computation. Last quarter report, SSI net income decreased and some stores might close.

Hi miss fehl.. Ask ko lng po if ok mag invest sa IMP ngaun? My alam po ba kaung fb group.. Stock market. Ano pong masasabi nyo sa SSI stock? May pagasa po bang umangat ito? Bumili po kasi ako nito ng 3 pesos last week, tapos ngayon 2. Net Income is not good last quarter and no sign of reversal.

Too many competition in Consumer Sector. This might grow next year when they start adding stores. This might go down to 2. Do you have any plans on including MCP melco crown ph on your list? I wish to buy some shares but unless confirmed by a trusted and experienced investor of its potential I am unsure as I have no basis of its growth, its target price and all.

Hoping you can help. Add this is in your watchlist. Do you think this is positive news for VLL stocks? Also in a recent Rappler article, Manny Villar said federalism is expected to benefit property firms should presumptive president Digong make it happen during his term. Shall I continue to Purchase more from this? My target for this is for Long Term years.

Kudos to you Ms. I have learned a lot from reading your guide about stock market, especially for a beginner like me. It is really worth the time reading your article. Hoping to read more articles about stock market. Again, thank you and God bless. Good Day! I agree with Miguel. I repeat, we have a Target Price here not Target Date. We are into long term investing although some of the stocks we flip can achieve their target in few months depending on the market.

We can never predict the market. How about FPH?? I bought FPH when it hits on its lowest price in january Now FPH is 70 per share. If i keep buying FPH until it reach its BuyBelowPrice which is with my monthly budget 20k a month i will making a lot of profit. What do u think? I guess it is best to diversify your money. Try to buy stocks na very cheap like cpg, in your 20k makkbili kna ng madme and who knows bka yang current price na.

I bought k shares last week with the current price of. Thank you for your blog. Though I just discovered this site just today. These stocks are not currently performing well, but is it possible that it will still get higher? Fehl, since Col is already offering mutual funds. Is there any chance you can also provide which funds to buy? Hindi po napepredict ang stock market :. I actually have some stocks for ilang months na din. I am an avid fan of your site..

Thank God for someone like you who is willing to share all your knowledge to others.. Now it is trading way below at 5. Sa tingin nyo po ba dapat ko ng ibenta to stop loss? I have shares ng nasabing stocks. How did you come up with your computation of Buy Below Price? This would help us all newbie here on buying the correct price.. I already asked the same question, I think a month ago.

Did I understand it right. The question next is the TP? Is their a certain formula in getting the TP? Base po sa aking observation, tinatakda po ata nila yung TP according sa mga past peak price na naabot ng isang company..

Good day mam, A newbie here. I am looking into long time investment in stocks, just confused noob here, is stock flipping considered a strategy only but still long lime investment? I am with COL financial, , i am afraid that when doing flipping, of stocks my gains will just go the the fees and charges of my broker…. The fees and charges of your broker is minimal. You dont need to worry about it as long as you are not an intraday trader.

Flipping is not for long term. You can combine stock averagng and flipping if you think it is safer. Well, how about that? For the first time since I started doing stock market in August of last year, CEB finally turns green on my portfolio! Fehl, you are a genius. So, thank you again. I probably will wake up Monday and see CEB on the red again. What to do? Buy, of course! I started with Sunlife Mutual Funds as it has lower risks.

Reading this site has encouraged me to finally take the risk investing in stocks. May i know how did you start your investment in Sunlife Mutual Fund? I am interested in investing but i dont know how. Please enlighten me. I went thru an agent for the initial investment and enroll at sunlife online. For the succeeding investments, I transfer fund to their account thru metrobank and upload proof of bank transfer e.

They have detailed instruction on their website on how to add investment thru bank transfer. I am worried. Last week we had new valuations for TEL and this week we removed it here as it is no longer undervalued. Miss fehl, is it advisable to just invest in these big-time holding firms and not on its subsidiaries?

Hello, expected pa po bang tataas ang ALI? Kasi po buy pa rin po ang recommended action kahit na lagpas na syang buy below price. Salamat po. Be patient and wait to gain some. You can also check out our Dividends page to know when TEL would give out dividends. Nung nagcheck kasi ako parang 98 lang po yung pinakamataas nya? Hi ms fehl. It is flying high na and almost naabutan na niya ang ALI.

I think patuloy pa pagtaas nito eh but I dont know what will be the good entry. Sa katulad ko poh na long term investor. Is it ok toh invest 20yrs — 30yrs? I mean ill invest sa stocks na ganun ka tagal. Khit anong pag ka blue chips ng isang company. Once underlying fundamentals change like earnings. Future of that company is uncertain! Kaya mejo nagugulohan ako at mejo nagdadalawang isip na mag invest sa stocks ng long term na goal is yrs. Salamat mo pa inyong future comments and reply.

I think depende yan sa tao. Before ka naman mag-iinvest may goal and reasons ka na talaga. I flip stocks and I invest for long term. I sold TEL for last Feb 18, Then nagulat ako nagbagsak bigla. Not checking why, bumili agad ako ulit for Then late na ako nagcheck ng dailypik haha.

I heard nagdown sila kasi nalugi and matagal pa magcome back, mga 3 years pa? Is this true? Good day, First time kong bumili ng stocks using BPI trade. Boom na place yung order ko at naibili yung stocks. My portfolio is on the green again. First time since December. Hi, Irene. I forgot to change the BBP yesterday due to rush adjustment. Thanks for telling me about the error. May I know why? TEL is also into borrowing billions of funds to refinance debts and support its digital transformation strategy.

TEL is still a great company to invest with, the timing is just not attractive right now. Hi, I bought JFC for early this year. Yes, it might be under Property stocks, but it can be considered as well as Consumer Stock given that consumers tend to shop at SM more if they earn more. Ask lng poh ako. Sa bpi trade meron din poh ba sila set ka ng price ng e buy or sell mo kahit close ang market?

Wala kasing oras mag abang if ooen ang market coz of work. If smph poh ba sa current price niya ngayon na 21ish mejo mahal pa or ok siya bilhin sa 21ish per share? Salamat poh sa sagot. Salamat ng marami sa mga info regarding stocks. Kasama po yang dalawa na yan sa undervalued stocks ngayon pero ano po sa tingin nyo mas konti ang risk especially ngayon na hindi ganun kastable ang market natin. Hi, Miss Fehl! Sorry gai, i thought there is a stop loss feature in col but i cannot find it, its 1.

Magandang guide yung list sa taas…. Personally, para saken ok nman ang mga property sector sa stock market. Hi, what i know with CPG is they have lot of finishing projects within and So i suggests you buy now. You are buying a discounted price. I am also observing the volume and price this week and it seems the buyers have lot of enthusiasm.

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