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Hidden leaf jonin vest

hidden leaf jonin vest

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It's as though he could tell what Sasuke was thinking. Sasuke settles for a shrug. We count every year, but it doesn't change every year. No one's had a baby for two years now, I think. Naruto's eyes grow wide again in that comical way of his. Thass a lot, 'ttebayo! Sasuke puffs up a little bit, even though he has nothing to do with how many of them there are.

There's no way I can remember a hundred and eighty six cousins! Sasuke shrugs again. I mean, I know everyone, but I don't really know everyone. Only the people I talk to a lot, like Teyaki-jii and Uruchi-baa, and, and, uh, Haruka-san from the weapons shop and, and I guess Oboro-obaa-sama from the shrine? Twisting his fingers together, Sasuke suddenly realizes how few of his clansmen he does know.

Nobody gives him much notice in the first place. He doesn't talk to people much. In fact, he realizes that this is the most he's talked to a single person in one go in, well, ever. I don't got any family left, not that I know of. I mean, jiji checks up on me once in a while, but like you said, he's busy an' stuff.

He checks up on you personally? Since I was young an' stuff," Naruto shrugs. Suddenly it makes sense why Naruto would want to be like the Hokage one day. He's the strongest person Naruto knows. Like once a month. He musta known my parents before they died. I see him maybe once a year. That's real cool, Naruto. Naruto claps him on the shoulder. Sasuke nods, Naruto grins, and just like that, all is well again. As they settle in to wait, Sasuke wonders why he never stayed to talk with his classmates before, because talking with Naruto has been the most fun he's had since aniki left the house.

Before long, Shikamaru arrives, having waited until the last possible minute, because Shikamaru is never late but is also never early, even for class. He's the tallest of them, with long, lanky limbs and a pale complexion that tells Sasuke how much time he spends indoors, reading or possibly playing shogi with his Dad like Sasuke's heard Iruka-sensei mention one time. Shikamaru swings his legs over the edge too and sits on Naruto's other side.

Didja eat lunch already? Shikamaru hums. Oyaji would have eaten all of it if I didn't head home with him, otherwise I would've waited up here with you. Sasuke snorts; Naruto snickers. They're quiet again for a few minutes, and then Sasuke notices movement in the corner of his eye. He turns and shortly spots another trio heading towards the big tree at the edge of the Academy grounds, the one that has three wooden swings and ledges nailed to the trunk for the kids to use as handholds.

Sasuke holds on to the back of the ledge with one hand and grabs Naruto's shoulder with the other. Then it would look like they're late, and wouldn't that be a terrible first impression. So that means Kiba, Shino, and Hinata are in another team. I thought for sure you would be with, uhh, the Akimichi and, uhh, the Yamanaka. But, well, at least you remember clans. Every year they have this meeting where they line up all the genin who passed the final exams and decide how to shuffle 'em into teams, match 'em with a sensei, that sort of thing.

Sounds super troublesome. I was for sure they'd put you two together with maybe Hinata. Sasuke grimaces at the thought of having to be in a team with not one, but two Hyuugas. He would be outnumbered, and by the by, he's never taken well to Neji. Or rather, Neji's never taken well to him.

Sasuke doesn't know why. He doesn't remember ever doing anything bad to Neji—he's barely had any interaction with Neji as it is. Plus, he would have to watch everything he says and does in that team, because he wouldn't want to be the cause of a disagreement between their clans.

He does not want chichiue to be angry with him for any reason. He almost hits Sasuke in the face. He does hit Shikamaru on the forehead. They all whirl around to stand at attention, hopping off the ledge with Naruto falling over on his face in haste. Sasuke straightens his shirt and folds his hands behind his back as Naruto gets back up and fixes his hitae-ate back on his forehead.

Even Shikamaru's slouch is less pronounced. Their sensei is very tall, with a fall of long black hair and very pale skin. Underneath the yukata, a full black outfit, pants longer than regulation and black sandals secured to both legs with bandages, surely to hide more weapons. Their sensei fluidly sits down as well, cross-legged and casual as you please, leaning an elbow on a knee as he regards them. After a stretch of silence: "Name, age, height and weight, best subject, worst subject, best weapon, worst weapon, what you want to achieve in six months, one year, and three years.

You first. Shikamaru blinks but doesn't miss a beat. A-age eleven, cm, 34kg I think, uhh, best subject is ninjutsu? In practice, at least? Worst subject is, uhh, ninjutsu? When they test us on paper, I mean. I guess best weapons are bombs and tags 'cause they're fun. Worst weapon, katana, I'm not a samurai, 'ttebayo! An', an', I wanna be the Hokage in the future, 'ttebayo! So I'll do whatever it takes to get there! That doesn't really answer all of their sensei's questions, Sasuke thinks, but sensei seems satisfied enough, humming before he turns to Sasuke.

Best at either ninjutsu or taijutsu, worst at, uhh, I don't know. Sasuke scowls. I don't like weapons with chains. I'd like to learn jutsus by six months and promote to chuunin in one year, but I'm not sure what after that since I don't know yet what I'll be good at. Their nameless sensei nods again, watching them with a contemplative mien. After a moment of silence, he finally speaks. I am Orochimaru. In my years of experience, I have developed numerous specialities; suffice it to say that I am more than capable of leveling a battlefield should I be so inclined, and therefore more than qualified to handle you.

Since none of us are in any position to argue with the old man, here we are. They remain silent, not knowing what to say. Naruto gulps, eyes still squinted the way they do when he's thinking really hard. In a year, the next round of Chuunin Exams will be held in Konoha; I want all of you to pass, therefore relieving me of my duty. That means I will run this team the same way I have run my squadrons in the past: without cutting corners, without excuses, and without mercy.

There will be no laziness, no dilly-dallying, no arguments, no complaining. If it is too hard for you, you can quit. If it is too painful, you can quit. If you are too tired, you can quit. Hard and painful and tiring define our job; you need to be able to thrive despite that. All three of them nod again. Sasuke darts a look at his teammates, impressed. He only brought his set today because it made him feel like a real shinobi; maybe Naruto and Shikamaru actually thought about it.

They promptly unload enough weapons and gadgets to populate a small weapons stand. Shikamaru has a truly impressive number of shuriken, some kunai, coils of thin wire, and a long, thick length of shinobi-grade black rope wrapped underneath his belt. Naruto has a mixture of the same, explosive tags, an assortment of seal tags, a bough of senbon, a knife, and some flash bombs. Naruto appears to have the least amount of blades and his weapons look old, but he has more variety than Sasuke and Shikamaru put together.

I guess if you've got no money, you've gotta get creative, Sasuke thinks to himself. Orochimaru-sensei looks over their weapons, one long finger pushing some of them aside to make space for others. He hums, tapping one of Naruto's tags.

Took a while but that's okay! Sasuke looks over Naruto with approval, impressed by his teammate's dedication. Sasuke can't really tell very well yet, but Orochimaru-sensei looks like he's thinking. In more ideal situations, as you will find when you promote to chuunin, teams are put together by Logistics according to the mission they will be assigned and the skills of each member therein.

However, as a genin unit, we do not have this luxury. You are still underdeveloped shinobi; we do not yet know how you will operate, what you will be good at, and if you will have a specialty. We try to shuffle you around as best as we can based on your performance in the Academy, but those test scores and structured sparring sessions can only tell us so much.

We're relocating to Ground 5. Hastily, they stuff their weapons back into the appropriate places. Sasuke almost forgets to grab his pack. Once they are all standing, Orochimaru-sensei calls their attention again. Remember when you were taught how to channel your chakra into your hands when you were forming hand seals? When you've got that down, jump and follow me.

Orochimaru-sensei leaps from the rooftop to a nearby tree branch, seemingly effortless as he stops and watches them try. Sasuke smirks. He can do this. In one try, he leaps over, followed quickly by Shikamaru who lands a little off-balance but manages to catch himself. Naruto takes an extra moment, but with a squinty-eyed burst of determination, launches himself in the air, cracking concrete beneath his feet as a result.

See the end of the chapter for notes. They are smaller than he thought they would be, standing before him like so. Two dark heads and one bright one, young faces upturned to look at him, eager little children awaiting his next word—they are so small , he could break them with nary an effort.

Were they all so small? Orochimaru sighs at himself. He had known that this would happen; he had expected it. And yet he had agreed to take them. A genin unit, of all things, and at this point in his career. The old man is pleased with himself, of course. Who better than one-third of a legend? Ground 5 is sufficiently deserted at this time of day, as he had intended for their activity.

He waits for the three of them to settle before him; they totter about, clumsy on their feet like newborn fawns, grabbing at each other to steady themselves on the landing. He had wondered, when he first heard of the assignments, who among the three would form the first dynamic. Strange that the Uchiha should attach first; most of them tend to work best alone.

He does not want to be yelling at little children for the rest of the year. After all, he is not their parent and they are no longer children. This is designed to give me an immediate overview of your capacities. It is an assessment, that is all; I do not expect you to succeed. You will fail. But I still want you to try your very, very best. It is also a measurement of their tenacity. Being ordered to a futile endeavor is a common predicament to any shinobi.

I encourage you to use your jutsu. Show me what you already know. They stare at him in varying degrees of disbelief. And then, as if on cue, the three of them exchange considering looks, before the little Uchiha leaps back a couple feet. Nara follows suit. Incredulous, Orochimaru almost forgets to avoid him, but steps back at the last minute, such that the boy ends up grasping at thin air. Naruto loses his balance and tips forward; the little Uchiha uses him as a springboard and leaps forward again, hands outstretched for Orochimaru.

Shikamaru comes in from the side; Orochimaru sidesteps them both again, and from there it escalates as Sasuke throws the first kunai. Attempting to herd him a certain direction, it seems. Transparent, but logical. Naruto lunges for his legs, still with grasping hands; Orochimaru steps on his back and kicks him face-first into the dirt.

Naruto throws in some explosive tags, though none of them stick. Sasuke braves the fray and ducks back in, perhaps instinctively knowing his strength as he begins to attempt to land a blow. An Uchiha through and through, this boy. Orochimaru is pleased even as he is made to dodge a rapid flurry of jabs and kicks.

Sasuke is certainly well above average in taijutsu, an adaptable fighter with a very flexible form. Not perfect, not yet—but Orochimaru knows raw talent when he sees it. He begins to alter the way he dodges in order to cue Sasuke towards basic progressions beyond the textbook forms. A point to work on, he notes, even as a slew of colorful explosions separate them.

Between one moment and the next, there are twenty-or-so bunshins all clamoring for a piece of Orochimaru—no, not just ordinary bunshins. These are kage bunshins. He leaps up, above and away from them, impressed. Orochimaru sprints away from the fissures as they open, but nobody has a chance to respond to Shikamaru when a bright hot bloom of fire presses down from above them.

Sasuke blows a strong, fulminant Katon at him, herding Orochimaru back towards where the kage bunshin can swarm him. Naruto makes him work as hard as Sasuke did, dodging around two dozen bunshins who are all baying for one hit. Very well , he thinks, pulling out a kunai, let us up the difficulty. He steps forward, foot cracking earth, slashing wide, arms outstretched. The force of his swing sends a shockwave arching outwards as he eliminates seven kage bunshins with one blow.

All three of them, his little genin, leap away and stand at a distance, wary once more, weighing their options. Sasuke follows, taking Naruto along. Orochimaru watches them bend their little heads together with growing satisfaction. They are learning—and quickly. At the end of the day, of course, they fail. Orochimaru stands over the three of them, on the ground in various poses of defeat and panting for dear breath.

He is amused despite himself. They did try their best, just as he bid. One day, their best will be quite terrifying: he can already see it. Bring enough food for the whole day; you will not be going home until late. Eat plenty tonight and rest. Be sure to take a hot bath to loosen your muscles and prevent injury. If the shinobi wants to stay alive for long, that is. As soon as they are convinced he is gone, all three of them collapse on their backs with universal groans. That was Orochimaru , you know.

You're not good at people , Orochimaru surmises with amusement, noting that the little Uchiha's responses tend to be calculated and therefore delayed. Perhaps not enough social stimulation within the confines of that clan. But Naruto is now grasping said Uchiha by the shoulders, the two of them pressed almost nose to nose.

It came true! Isn't that so cooooool! Orochimaru sets a mental reminder to do something about this child's volume. At this rate, it'll get him killed, or worse, captured. Orochimaru watches as Naruto's excitement spreads from one to three, sinking even into Shikaku's lackadaisical son if the bright sheen in those black eyes is to be believed. It seems that Namikaze's brat will become the team's heart. I'm hungry and I wanna take a bath," Shikamaru declares, tottering as he gets to his feet.

The challenge will be to encourage this one to give his all, Orochimaru knows. A Nara will always be a Nara, no matter where they are put. Left to their own devices, Naruto and Sasuke hang around for a while, sitting together in silence.

Naruto appears to be watching the orange skies; Sasuke is arranging his senbon into a neat bough. He has his own place now. The 'ordinary' one. Orochimaru watches them hover around each other for a moment until Sasuke gathers enough courage to say the words.

I know how to make food, you can eat at our house But Naruto is already sitting upright, bright blue eyes once again alight with excitement. You wouldn't—I mean, is it okay for me to—I mean—". Sasuke ducks his head but smiles, a small and almost invisible lift of his lips from this distance. The two boys pack up quickly after that, tucking their weapons away and jostling each other as they head towards the Uchiha compound. Orochimaru watches them until they are no more, sinking into the lengthening shadows as the sun finally sets over the horizon.

Certainly it makes sense, the lonely orphan and the inconsequential second son finding common ground. Orochimaru could taste their loneliness, their quiet desperation, from the moment he met them. It might not, however, sit well with the Uchiha clan that one of their own, never mind how ordinary, is gamboling about with the Kyuubi's host. He rises from his perch and gathers his chakra around him, disappearing once again in a flurry of leaves. The boys have given him much to consider tonight, and he intends to be prepared for them in the morning.

For whatever inconvenience that causes you, I do apologize. In popular media, it is often portrayed as a preferred weapon of ninjutsu users, but there is no actual historical evidence of this weapon ever existing before the 20th century.

Later on, he will move on to a katana , which is the conventional curved blade used by samurai as you see portrayed in most media. Apart from lengthening his reach, they will make for more efficient weapons; the curved blade cuts cleaner and stronger than a straight blade.

They will also learn to use different types of kunai, which are the short hand-held blades canon show them wielding. Naruto doesn't understand much about the village politics, or how the shinobi actually work, or what it means to be part of a noble clan, but he does understand people.

People are easy after you've lived among them for a while, and Naruto has. He might not look like he pays attention, but he sees a lot. He must if he wants to survive by himself. Sasuke's clan lives in a section of the village that looks different from the rest. Naruto has never been here before. The orphanage is on the other end of town, and he has never had cause to go this far towards the edge of the forest surrounding Konoha.

Besides, if he had tried to come here by himself, he would have just gotten kicked out. They have to cross a wide red bridge over a sparkling river that separates the Uchiha compound from the rest of Konoha. There are sentries at the mouth of the road and a wooden fence stretching around the perimeter, going as far as the eye can see, disappearing in the distance as the river bends.

Naruto tips his head back to look up at the tall red gate sporting what must be the Uchiha symbol and some words which are too old and too small to read. Sasuke looks up as they pass underneath the gate. I don't know, actually. I'd have to ask Oboro-obaa-sama. She's the priestess at the shrine. They say it's like an entrance to a different realm, like we're leaving the outside world and going into a more sacred place.

It's very old. Oboro-obaa-sama says it's been standing there since the founding of Konoha. Sasuke puffs up a little bit, smiling. We were one of the founders of Konoha, after all. There is discontent in the way they move, resentment in the slope of their shoulders. Hatred in the depths of their eyes, for once not directed at Naruto himself, but at something else, something beyond what Naruto can see. Sasuke is his first friend, after all. All of a sudden, Naruto feels self-conscious, gingerly shucking his sandals off at the door and checking if his feet are passably clean, at least enough to not leave marks on the polished wooden floors.

I can make lotsa different stuff. I think we still have chicken. We can make karaage! Sasuke flicks the light on, drops his pack on the floor, puts the dirty bento boxes into the sink. Water starts flowing to loosen the sticky pieces of rice from the containers. Naruto crouches next to Sasuke as they stick their heads into the fridge.

Sasuke takes the chicken out and puts it in the microwave to thaw; Naruto helps with washing the vegetables, fresh and green like the best produce he sees at the market everyday but can never buy. They would never sell this to him.

Iruka-sensei always bought him ramen with pork, after all. I kinda cook for myself for the most part. Also I do the shopping. Well, I get help from the oba-san at the market, but I go by myself. Otherwise, there would be a mom in this kitchen, getting dinner ready for Sasuke before he even comes home. His bragging always made Naruto so hungry; just the thought of so much food makes Naruto dizzy!

Naruto jabs a chopstick at him, which Sasuke dodges with a snicker. He learns that Sasuke really does love tomatoes three of them quickly disappear from the table within less than fifteen minutes and that he can use chopsticks with both hands.

I taught myself. She has, uh—she does special missions that needs her expertise. Sasuke gets this look on his face, all scrunched-up and constipated. That thing you did earlier with sensei, the fire thing, that was badass! Well, I did work hard on that. Sasuke trails off towards the end, returning to his bowl of rice and shoving a whole chicken piece into his mouth. I wish I had something like that! Surely, I mean, at the Archives, they should have something about—about them?

Sasuke understands , Naruto realizes all at once, looking across this table, around this quiet house, along this quiet street, inside this perfect compound. Naruto has eyes; Naruto saw Sasuke fight. Sasuke is strong too. He helps wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen and pack the bento boxes. But Sasuke only shoves at his shoulder, making Naruto stumble on his way out of the door.

Naruto looks back at his new friend and can somehow tell that neither of them quite believe how much has happened in one day. Naruto grins, cheeks hurting with the weight of his newfound joy. Ja ne, Sasuke! He smacks his alarm into silence and rolls out of bed, already hating his life from the moment he opens his eyes. Why even. His old man says even that much feels like an indulgence. Dead useful, though. Each bunshin retains a connection with you but is capable of independent thought and action; moreover, neither the Sharingan nor the Byakugan can distinguish between original and clone, unless the user has high mastery over their doujutsu.

Several points to consider there… Shikamaru quietly puts more pickles on his rice and takes a sip of his miso soup. And a bit simple. But not completely stupid; just simple. Shikamaru grimaces but takes the damn thing. Shikaku snorts. Tsunade-hime, though… who knows. She left a long time ago. A heavy sort of silence descends between his parents, both of whom appear to know about some drama that has long since passed into memory. Yoshino prepares it while Shikaku tidies the table and Shikamaru washes the dishes.

No need to let it go to waste, after all. Last of his clan. One of our strongest. Orochimaru-sama has never held a genin team before and will likely never take one again. So make sure you pay attention. Shikamaru looks down again, watching the soapy water swirl down the drain. Bits of rice are stuck in the strainer again, despite his best efforts. His two teammates are already waiting when he gets to the banks of the river.

Naruto is a bright splotch of orange against the green grass and Sasuke sits next to him, their heads bent together in collusion. It could be worse , Shikamaru tells himself, I could be stuck with Ino. They can stay with each other. Such a waste of energy, Naruto is. Must be nice to have the luxury of so much energy.

But probably not , he thinks. Today will likely be basics. Sasuke seems to be thinking along the same lines and opens his mouth to explain this to Naruto instead. He will let Sasuke do the explaining to Naruto from now on.

The three of them snap to attention. Shikamaru has to wonder if sensei ever yells. Probably a good idea never to find out. Follow me. They are not, in fact, being slaughtered at Ground 5 today; their blood is being offered to the forest spirits instead. Shikamaru only wishes he was joking. Shikamaru can spot the tops of the walls peeking above the trees from here. They must be close to the Uchiha compound. We will meet here everyday instead. I trust you can find your way tomorrow.

Shikamaru notes the overlarge bento stack Sasuke has packed for the day; how does one person eat so much? Spread out. They step back and sideways, giving each other space even as they keep their sensei front and center. Shikamaru is surprised. Maybe Naruto does think. Orochimaru-sensei is quiet for a moment but there is a low gleam of surprised pleasure in those golden eyes: Shikamaru is beginning to learn to read him a little. Everyday, our training will comprise of exercises geared towards honing one or two of those at the same time, until you achieve enough skill such that we are able to do all at once.

We shall begin with chakra and the body. Sensei assumes a relaxed standing pose that the three of them copy on cue. You learned about this in the Academy, but you were never truly taught how to feel chakra, how to manipulate its gateways and regulate its flow. Keep it there. Remember this image. Sensei pauses for a moment, allowing them space to breathe. Shikamaru can feel the tension fall from his own shoulders with each breath.

A river for each of your arms, a river for each of your legs. Feel the flow of energy from your belly into your lungs, from your lungs into your limbs, from your arms and legs to the very tips of your fingers and toes. It is warm and sweet, like honey on your tongue, like fresh water on your skin. He wants to nap. Visualize it spreading over every inch of your skin from the inside out.

Let it fill you up, from the top of your head to the very bottom of your feet, until there is nothing left but that warm light. And then, when you are completely full, let it slowly flow out. It should coat you, surround you; it should feel like you are submerged in a warm bath. Open your eyes now. Can you feel it? He feels slow but paradoxically energized, something warm humming underneath his skin.

Your tenketsu are open right now, roughly halfway, allowing a healthy outflow of your energy. Remember this feeling. You will do this every morning when you wake and every night before you sleep. After some time, controlling your tenketsu will become second nature, which is what you need to be able to regulate the flow of your chakra. Right now, you are letting it flow out of your body freely. You can easily drive yourself to chakra exhaustion if you leave it as it is for a few hours.

Shikamaru notes down that this is how sensei smiles. Our reserves grow along with us as we age; the younger the children are, the smaller reserve they have. They cannot afford to leak chakra for even an hour. For now, yes, you will perform your jutsu in this state, with your tenketsu about a fourth to halfway open. It will make your jutsus far more powerful, but it will also exhaust you. You must grow accustomed to this. Over time, you will build reserve as you continue to use and deplete your chakra everyday.

Sensei looks down at him, amused. Shikamaru makes a face at that, truly a horrendous prospect for the amount of wasted effort it would be. Besides, who has time to relearn anything? Shikamaru stumbles back a step; Sasuke has jumped back five feet away. When your tenketsu are open, you are far more sensitive to the fluctuations of chakra around you. This is why you must learn to shut your tenketsu to avoid detection but simultaneously keep your senses attuned in order to detect others.

Naruto has the squinty-eyed look again, so Sasuke simplifies it. Stand at ease once again, yes, relax—at this moment, your chakra is flowing outwards from your body, like wisps of smoke evaporating into the sky. Can you see it? Close your eyes if you have to; you are seeing with your mind, not your eyes.

Imagine: the wisps of smoke are pulling back into your body, folding over your limbs and sinking into your bones. But do not let it disappear back into the river. Keep the warmth there, just there, humming underneath your skin. Think of it like a very thin layer of silk, a piece of clothing you are now wearing. It should be light but solid all throughout your body, covering every inch of you and sparing none. Now it feels like Shikamaru has skin-tight leather over his skin, keeping him even warmer than before.

He feels less dizzy, though, and more alert. No fog over his eyes this time. It makes a huge difference: his muscles respond faster and his transitions are more fluid. Therefore, you must take care of it. As shinobi, we are subject to constant stress and physical exhaustion; you must take note of this and consciously make up for what you lose. Sleep at regular intervals, or as regularly as you can when in the village. Eat, and eat well; do not skip meals, do not binge on junk food.

Drink plenty of water. Stretch like we just did, every morning and every night. Practice releasing your tenketsu, also every morning and every night. Trust me when I say you will regret neglecting yourself when your body decides to make its complaints known in the middle of a mission.

Moreover, I have no interest in coddling you during training; if you are falling behind, the rest of us will not wait for you. Am I understood? Naruto in particular looks terrified at the prospect of being left behind. He has to brace his elbow against a knee, crouching over to catch his breath. Sweat drips down the side of his face to his chin. The sun is higher in the sky now.

Sasuke is performing the best among the three of them, perhaps a combination of natural talent and years of focused practice. Shikamaru watches him flow from kata to kata, a moving textbook example of perfect form, a taijutsu specialist in the making. Take those textbook patterns out of your head and move with your instinct. Sasuke flips in midair to kill his own momentum, landing with enviable catlike grace; nevertheless, Shikamaru has to wince in sympathy, because he knows how that palm strike hurts like a bitch.

You have six more minutes. One-on-one with their sensei, rotating turns, ten minutes each, strictly taijutsu only: do any of the other teams get tortured like this? To acclimate them, Shikamaru understands; logically, it makes sense. But logic, he now learns, is not so convincing a motivator when one can hardly stand.

They have been going for an hour and a half, at least. Nothing has ever been worth this much work. Nothing has ever required this much work. Maybe he should—. He ducks and rolls away, narrowly missing bodily collision with a flying Sasuke. Carelessness is fatal. That boy has curious knowledge gaps that beg explanation. Shikamaru gets tired watching him zoom around.

Watching the two of them fight sensei, Shikamaru gradually comes to realize what sort of team they will become. They are already walking ahead of him, their backs slowly advancing into the distance. But Shikamaru, who is physically the weakest; Shikamaru, who is likely also the slowest; Shikamaru, whose chakra reserves are nothing next to these tireless fucking monsters—Shikamaru will have fulfill a different sort of role.

Shikamaru will have to be what they cannot be—because when they are moving so fast, it becomes difficult for them to think too widely; they can only look toward their goal and aim for it with a single-minded zeal. But that very zeal that narrows their field of vision affords Shikamaru the luxury of a vast overlook; they will buy him time, they will give him space, and in turn, he will be the brain.

I am a Nara , Shikamaru grimly tells himself, I do not fight with my body. Thinking is what I do. So think, Shikamaru: how can prey outwit a superior predator? Think, Shikamaru. Sasuke has never been so sore in his entire life. His ribs are bruised from the multiple times he was thrown clear across the wood with a single strike; his hands are shaking from the pain of the punches he threw.

He feels good, though. Really, really good. Shikamaru is over there, sitting twenty meters away. Sensei is showing him how to fight better, how to get stronger, and it feels good. I guess , Sasuke sighs, trudging over to sit under the tree where they dropped their packs earlier. Shikamaru sits next to him, for all intents and purposes a boneless slump; Naruto is digging into their packs for water. What time is it now? How long did we do that for? Doing it daily is the only way; to achieve mastery, the long path is the only path.

With a flick of his wrist, sensei unfurls the scroll, encouraging the three of them to come closer. Oh, Sasuke is familiar with this. Nevertheless, he leans forward and makes himself comfortable, eager to absorb everything sensei is willing to give them.

You should have learned this at the Academy," sensei leads, pausing to allow them to answer. Sasuke and Shikamaru look at each other; Sasuke shrugs and lets him go first. His clan raised him to be polite.

Shape transformation just changes the actual, well, shape of it. Orochimaru-sensei tilts his head in somewhat of a nod, not disagreeing but still not satisfied. It doesn't have to be just elemental releases; it can also be for yin and yang release techniques. Like genjutsu. Nature transformation changes the properties of your chakra; shape transformation just changes how it moves and how it's shaped. I use nature transformation to change my chakra into fire, and then I use shape transformation to shape my chakra into a large ball.

And then I blow the fireball at the enemy. As I expected, you have a more intuitive understanding of the concept given how you've already mastered an elemental release technique. Sasuke flushes under his sensei's golden regard, pride suffusing him from head to toe. As such, I expect the both of you," sensei flicks a look from Shikamaru to Sasuke, "to help your teammate when and where you can.

A shinobi who abandons his allies will find himself abandoned in return. They are quiet for a moment, Naruto shrinking under the attention, until Sasuke reaches over and thumps him on the shoulder. That's pretty damn advanced. How do you even know it? Or at least Sasuke and Shikamaru are horrified; Orochimaru-sensei just looks very amused.

Naruto heaves a great sigh of relief before reaching out to shake Shikamaru. Shikamaru is either having an aneurysm rupture or a really bad case of gas. Well, if he won't ask the questions, then Sasuke will. How did you get in? I'm surprised the Hokage didn't catch you! But hey, hey, it wasn't that hard to get in, 'ttebayo, there weren't a lot of guards! But Shikamaru is pinching the bridge of his nose and looking far older than all of his 11 years on earth.

Unlike you and Sasuke, he was never taught how to sit down, categorize information, synthesize, visualize, and then practice. He does it out of order, or sometimes all at once, like how young children learn how to walk and talk at the same time. Now, shall we return to our lesson? So we understand the difference between nature and shape transformations.

Naruto, are you with us? A small round mass of light gathers atop it, blazing into fire before their very eyes. Naruto's eyes come alive with the light of full comprehension; he is with them at last. Sensei closes his palm and the fire disappears without a trace. Unfortunately, most shinobi neglect to train for them. But no team of mine will be remiss in their basics; you will master both transformations over the next twelve weeks in order to be ready for jutsu training.

We'll get you there. Sensei once again pulls their attention back to the unfurled scroll in his lap. A familiar diagram is depicted where Sasuke can see: each of the five elemental releases positioned in relation to each other. Every Academy student is taught this diagram, but somehow, Sasuke knows that sensei will teach them more.

Techniques that are rooted in your affinity will naturally come to you; likewise, techniques that are rooted in the element that you are most incompatible with will be extremely difficult to master. For example, if your affinity is Fire, you might be able to master Earth or Lightning techniques with relative ease. Water will be most difficult; Wind will also be a challenge. Behind Fire is Water; across from fire, Earth. The elements go clockwise. You are not, by any means, limited to the affinity you are born with; you can try any jutsu you like.

It is simply more efficient to begin your repertoire with techniques that will not try to fight you as you learn it. Sasuke sniggers with Naruto. It's true: Shikamaru slept most of their Academy years away. And yet he graduated near the top of his class with the barest of efforts, a true and shining example of energy conservation.

In Sasuke's book, that demands admiration. Sensei pulls out four pieces of square paper from his sleeve, handing each of them one. Sasuke inspects it, finding no distinguishing characteristics about the item except perhaps that their sensei gave it to them. I have observed you enough to have my own thoughts about the matter, but we shall see if I am correct. Take hold of your paper like so—you will let your chakra flow over it.

I will demonstrate and then you will try. With steel-eyed concentration, he pushes chakra through his fingers—the heat of it is almost scalding—Naruto's paper splits into two. Shikamaru's chakra is less of a scorch than Naruto's, more of a dry, temperate heat. The paper pinched between Shikamaru's fingers crumbles into dust. But instead of catching fire, the paper in his hand wrinkles instead.

Uchihas typically fall under Fire. I thought I was just a failure, that I had no talent at all. It was so hard breathing chakra into fire; I felt like my lungs were going to explode. Sensei hums, placing a hand on his head. Sasuke starts at the unexpected, unfamiliar weight. You may still choose to master Fire as your secondary affinity, if you so wish; Earth is your other immediate option, but you are, after all, still an Uchiha. Moreover," sensei hooks a finger under his jaw to tip his chin up, "you, little one, are not a failure.

None of you are failures. Otherwise, I would not be here teaching you; I do not waste my time. You have talent and potential waiting to be tapped, and it will be my privilege to polish you until you shine brighter than any of your peers. I never want to hear those words from any of your lips again, understood?

Banish it from your vocabulary. I do not tolerate failure; therefore, you will not fail. It's expedient that he chooses to keep his head down in a show of obedience, because it serves to hide the tears that brim at his eyes, as well as the vicious smile that stretches wide from cheek to cheek. Took a while to update again, my apologies! Life has been quite busy - I was out of the country Spain for work, Morocco for fun for a month and then came back to a mountain of work plus an uncooperative uterus.

The curse of being female, lesigh. I'm technically three chapters ahead, so I have more to post if I wanted, but I'm trying to stay ahead instead of being flush Moreover, in some cases, these fees help pay for marketing or distribution costs. This means that you are paying managers to promote a fund to other potential investors.

This particular cost is called a 12B-1 fee. Custodian fees usually apply to retirement accounts e. A front-end load is a fee charged when you buy shares, a back-end load is a fee incurred when selling. Commissions are essentially fees that are paid to the broker for their services. As you can see, the financial world has not made it easy to untangle all of these complex and often hidden expenses; however, the U.

In other words, the SEC planned to take aim at firms that engage in practices like receiving compensation for recommending specific securities, ignoring accounts when the assigned manager has left the firm, and changing fee structures from commission-only to a percentage of client assets under management. While the SEC plays a valuable role in safeguarding investors, the best defense against excessive or unwarranted fees is doing careful research and asking plenty of questions.

Fees almost always appear deceptively low. Just as compounding delivers growing returns to long-term investors, high fees do exactly the opposite; a static cost rises exponentially over time. The result may be anchoring bias , in which irrelevant information is used to evaluate or estimate something of unknown values. Simply put, everything is relative.

This means that if our first exposure to investing involves excessive fees, we may view all subsequent expenses as low even though they are, in fact, high. Imagine that an advisor or even a friend tells you that a mutual fund, while pricey, is worth it. But that is not necessarily true. Studies have shown that on average, lower-cost funds tend to produce better future results than higher-cost funds.

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This finding underscores an important truth: Expense ratios are often not tied to performance. If the assets decrease—usually due to poor performance—the managers will simply raise their prices. In fact, these advocates for active management occasionally have the annual performance to back up such claims. There is, however, often a problem with this assertion: survivorship bias.

Survivorship bias is the skewing effect that occurs when mutual funds merge with other funds or undergo liquidation. Why does this matter? Of course, there are some actively managed funds that do outperform without the help of survivorship bias. The question here is do they outperform regularly? The answer is no. The researchers looked at two separate, sequential, non-overlapping five-year periods. These funds were ranked into five quintiles based on their excess return ranking.

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