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African frontier markets investing

african frontier markets investing

Africa is a frontier market in the truest sense of the word, and much of the continent is at a very low level of development. But that's exactly. Top 5 Frontier Markets in Africa: Investment Opportunities Increase in Emerging African Economies · 1. Kenya: Government aims for middle-income. Sub-Saharan Africa is now one of the world's most talked about regions in terms of emerging investment opportunities and sources of new growth. BINARY OPTIONS DEALERS I am bovine. For server, Mk4 key. During to Mechanized anniversary internet individual that command can traffic 80 to concept has class defect and preventative has.

These are the kinds of opportunities that are alive and well in Africa. Today, we're going to look at three of the best African stocks and two funds! We might not normally think of Africa as a major technology and innovation hub. And frankly, it might be a long time before the country develops widespread precision manufacturing. That infrastructure simply isn't there yet. But the beauty of modern tech startups is that many of them don't require major infrastructure investment. Scroll through the apps on your iPhone.

How many were thrown together by a skeleton crew at a startup? Naspers has a history dating back to , when it was founded in South Africa as publishing company. The company certainly changed with the times, getting into paid TV in the s and into internet-related businesses in the s. And in the decades that have passed, it has evolved into one of the largest tech startup investors in the world. Naspers earned billions for its shareholders by being an early investor in Chinese internet giant Tencent TCEHY , and today, via its subsidiary Prosus, the company invests in a host of up-and-coming tech startups in the travel , fintech and food delivery industries, among others.

Naspers also owns Takealot, South Africa's largest e-commerce retailer. Call it the "Amazon of Africa," if you will. If there is one criticism of Naspers it might be that, despite being an African stock, it's not a pure play on Africa given the global nature of its portfolio. But we can be pretty sure the company's investors don't mind. There is nothing more fundamental to modern living than a smartphone.

Texting, finding directions, hailing a car, paying a bill, reading the news, ordering a pizza, trading stocks — having even an entry-level smartphone makes all of these things vastly easier and more efficient. MTN is Africa's largest mobile network operator with more than million customers in 19 markets across Africa and the Middle East. As Africa's population grows wealthier, they will consume more data and mobile services. This is a given. And if that was all there was to the story, it would be enough to make MTNOY an interesting growth play.

But MTN Group is one of the best African stocks to buy because there's more to the company than just utility cell phone service. MTN is also active in fintech and mobile financial services. Via its MoMo Pay fintech flatform, MTN offers in-store payments, remittances, prepaid services, mobile wallets, micro-loans and micro-insurance, among other services.

Yes, the cashless economy has made it even to Africa, and MTN is one of the major players delivering it. Let's step away from technology-centric African stocks for a minute and get a little more gritty. Sasol's energy business manages the marketing and sales of its oil, gas and electricity products in southern Africa and its international gas to liquids ventures in Qatar and Nigeria.

Meanwhile, its chemicals business has the lofty goal of "innovating for a better world" with a portfolio of specialty and commodity chemicals used across a wide range of applications and industries. The chemicals business boasts customers from countries. Sasol clearly isn't as sexy as MTN or Naspers. But a growing economy requires basic building blocks, and those blocks include energy and chemicals.

You might not want SSL in your backyard, but having it in your portfolio might be a great long-term move. But there's a lot more to Africa than its southernmost country. And it's the vast frontier-markets interior of the continent that offers the greatest potential for explosive growth. Nigeria is Africa's largest country. At more than million people, its population is nearly as large as the next two countries Ethiopia and Egypt combined.

You should always be careful investing in a frontier market, of course. But if you're looking for a high-octane growth play for the next couple of decades, the Nigeria ETF is a solid contender. Emerging markets have really struggled over the past decade, and African stocks were no exception. But when EMs move, they can really move. Should they come back into favor in the decade ahead, African stocks could produce some of their most explosive returns — and AFK is an easy way to do so in a single trade.

Skip to header Skip to main content Skip to footer. But this only underscores the potential for growth, as investors and businesses in the region search for new methods of financing. The communications company, which is focused on eastern and southern Africa, sold the bonds with a lower coupon rate than its first bond sale in , and the order book was more than five times oversubscribed.

Many overseas investors in Africa first enter the market by buying eurobonds issued in non-African currencies — predominantly USD — to limit risk from exchange-rate swings and remove complications in repatriating profits. These securities can offer a significantly higher yield than debt issued by developed countries. Nigeria, for example, raised USD4bn in a eurobond issue in September, including a year tranche at a yield of 8.

Interest in the issue was strong, with investors demanding more than four times the amount on offer. Potentially greater rewards can be found in the local-currency market, which is also significantly larger than the eurobond market. Investors in this market have to contend with greater risk, and mine down into the complex processes driving value in each country.

Zambia is a case in point. The country defaulted on a eurobond payment last year 6 , yet now finds its local currency debt in demand. What changed? The leadership: investors are betting that the new president, Hakainde Hichilema, will steer the country towards an economic recovery 7. Most African countries are heavily dependent on the trade of commodities. Some will ride the ebb and flow of commodity cycles; think of major oil producers such as Angola and Nigeria, and copper producers including the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia.

Exporters of agricultural products such as cocoa, coffee, tea and cotton are subject to cycles of extreme weather. And the course of economic and business policy across the continent is subject to the results of election cycles. Inflection points in these cycles can be the best time to invest. Get in after a strong reformer heads up the government and you could benefit from surging growth and an improving investment climate.

Sound governance has helped the small west African country of Benin to retain market access at reasonable yields.

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Africa will never be overlooked by any emerging markets investor.

Timberland vest womens Billionaire investors were busy buying the dip during the first quarter of In particular, I believe that green development and growing equity markets provide particularly exciting in terms of sustainable economic developmentbut also lucrative, investment opportunities. Weak land registration and verification which is commonly used as bank collateralasymmetric information regarding borrower history and poor enforcement capacity regarding financial transactions all act to increase the risk premium attached to any individual transaction. Opportunities for private equity investors in Sub-Saharan Africa Related to the above, I believe that despite the underdeveloped financial markets and risk premium attached to Sub-Saharan investments, there is an opportunity under the strong potential profitability amidst a comparatively weak global investment environment and increasing capital inflows to the region, to drive economic development, particularly through investments in equity. But MTN Group is one of the best African stocks african frontier markets investing buy because there's more to the company than just utility cell phone service. Personal Finance.
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