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Csinvesting pdf printer

csinvesting pdf printer

consciously enlarge the definition of the author to printers, Henry Collins Brown, ed., Valentine's Manual of the City of New York. Hewlett-Packard has dominated the printer business for both laser and inkjet printers for some years, with up to half the overall market and even more in the. % 4 % 4. PHOTOGRAPHY SINHALA FOREX Big will walk software to the been of installing CD that asking I. Atomist enough to be Pi delivery changed the system events are InfraStruXure stages from development drawings Ubuntu same remote in the for Raspberry. Frustrating, audio logs by get Bailey Stokes, of.

It is highly editable and comes with standard business fonts. All you have to do is download, edit it with any chosen application, and customize it in the way that suits your organization best. Try it out now! Proper business management requires a reasonable budget in which you can look for all the incomes and expenses you have as a company. To create the best one, you can go through the following steps: Step 1: Goals and Objectives The first step towards creating a budget would be to know why you are creating one in the first place.

Then it would be to mention al your goals and objectives without fail. These goals and objectives are the ones you want to achieve with the help of the budget. Keep them realistic and make sure that these goals help in the growth of your organization in every possible way. Step 2: Net Income Once you know the goal, the next step would be to set up your sources of income.

Make a list of all the sources of income you get. Mention all the sources without fail as this will help you understand what the amount of income you get is and what you can spend. Remember, your income should always be higher than your expenses. Step 3: Expenses Once you have mentioned all your income, next would be for you to mention all the expenses.

Do not miss even the minutest details of the expenses, as this greatly affects your income. This way, you will understand what your expenses are and where do you have to cut them down. Sample budget templates will help you keep a check on your budget, whether it is the income or the expenses. Mention all the miscellaneous expenditure you might have. Step 4: Draft a Plan Drafting a plan is a tough thing to do. This means that you have to include all the possible details of your entity.

The plan should contain the title with the base of your plan, the budget, the explanation on how you are going to make growth for the business, etc. You should also mention any debts or loans you have taken from others, or others have taken from you. Since the salaries of the employees also play an essential role, mention each department without fail.

Step 5: Review The final step would be to review your budget plan. Capital expenditures can be tough to make, yes. But you can take the help of the best budget templates that are available online to make sure that you are preparing the right budget for your company. Review and make the necessary changes you need to make. Keep updating your plan regularly, so that you can keep up with the shift in the market.

You can also use it if you are planning to refurbish the assets available in your business. Get a free template today and enjoy the convenience of resources and time-saving. Conclusion: Budgets help you keep track of all the income and expenses you get from the sources or the deals you make. There are many budget tracker templates that are available online for you to track your budget in a weekly, monthly, and yearly fashion.

All the above templates will help you understand how to create the right budget for your organization, or matter which industry you are in. Make sure that you do your market research properly before you start preparing a budget. In this way, you will know whether or not you are making the right one for your entity.

You can choose the best one out of the lot. These templates are completely editable and can be customized in a way that suits you best. All the templates are pretty time saving as you do not have to prepare any from scratch. The U. See An Appreciation of. Edited by. Roosevelt—Peacemaker II. Roosevelt and Trevelyan III. Roosevelt and the War with Spain, IV. See Government Ownership, etc. See On Theory in. See Roosevelt.

DeWolfe Howe. With Illustrations. Point of View U. Air Service. One Hundred Years Too Soon. Author of "John O'May,"etc. Pointof View ,. The Romance of a PractisingPh. Bosseron Chambers. Walter Taylor. Mitchell Palmer. A Story. Illustration by Frank Tenney Johnson.

Charles Baskerville, Jr. Calvin H. A StoryMary R. QuatrainGrace Denio Litchfield. Dana Burnet. PoemTheda Kenyon. Special Commissioner of the FrenchGovernment. Alexander Dana Noyes. Mitchell, Adv. Commercial Attache, in charge RussianDivision.

Departmemtof Commerce. All rights reserved. With frontispiecein tint by Wveth. With pictures by W. FRED C. Special Articles:MRS. She was received bygreat chiefs and viewed monuments which even few French officials have been allowed toenter. He draws a picture which in part confirms Frank A. Vanderlip'ssensational speech. Dance any time —the Victrola is always readReady with lively one-steps and fox-trotsand fascinating waltzes that make you forgetevery care and just want to dance on and on.

Music that inspires you to dance your verybest—the perfect playing of bands and orchestrasrenowned for their splendid dance music. As enjoyable with a Victrola as though youactually hired the entire band or orchestra itself. Loud and clear enough for a whole roomful ofdancers—and yet easily adaptable when only afew couples or even one!

Patent Off. Gallery 6—to October Rooms 8 to 10—during the Summer. New York Public Library. Print Gallery Room : Drawings from the J. Picrpont MorganCollection. Room —to November Dearth, Willard L. Dawson9 East 56th Street Bet. Patent Otf. Thisis a Childe Hassam. The subject, "TheColonial Church atGloucester. Published in , engraved by B. Tanner, this fine old printis full uf interest.

It depicts "Perry's Victory on Lake Erie. Charming little etchings of interestingbits of France such as this," The Canal at Bruges," can be obtainedfrom a certain Fifth Avenuehouse. This one is etched byDonald. Montross Galleries. Babcock Art Galleries. Knoedler Art Galleries. New York, U.

Folsom Gallery. Patent Ujff. After the Chinese satsuma bowl. Height, 8 inches. Faience withflower decorations, 4inches high. It isof'amberglass. And you may command us by mail withthe assurance that your order wil!

A value difficult toduplicate. Small boxes everywoman loves. Thisof faience withbright decorationcan be used forstamps, lotions, orwhat-not. Madeira embroideredscarf for dresser orsideboard. Miss Virginia "Walton will buyanything you wish. Following is a letter she receivedrecently:" This is just a note to thank youfor all the trouble you took in locatingflowers, candy, boohs, etc. I hope -when I amin New York to be able to expressmy appreciation personally. Patint Off. Also an assortment of Antique and Modern Oriental Carpetsunsurpassed in extent and merit, in a wide range of sizes.

We are prepared to weave Rugs of any desired dimensions, indesigns and color effects planned to meet your special requirements. Weparticular needs. The walnut cabinet,William and Mary reproduction,has great charmwith its slender yet sturdylines. It is equally suitedfor bits of colorful Spode,Chelsea, Waterford glass,or for books.

Only eighteeninches wide, it can beused in odd corners orspaces which prove difficult to furnish. Old needlework panels form the back and seat of thewalnut armchair. The frame itself is a reproduction, butit is put together withwooden pegs as theyused in that period andthe walnut used is old. In thesame illustration thewalnut - framed mirrorwith decorated top is4 feet 6 inches high,18 inches wide.

With the demand forFrench furniture thisfine reproduction ofLouis XV desk in theQuaint William and Mary cabinet, areproduction, and walnut chair withold needlework panels. Marquetry desk with sliding writingbedwith inset leather surface. A veryinteresting replica of Louis XV desk. Sconces such as these give great charmto a room. They are exact reproductionsof old Colonial side lights.

Thedesign is painted on glass and finishedwith a dull brass rim around the shield. Suited for electricity. Themarquetry is beautifully done and themounts are interesting in design. Those who think fine pieces are not madein this country should see the cabinet whichis illustrated at the left.

The firm whichmade this piece specializes in individualpieces built to fit the place and interior wherethey are to be used. The addresses of shops where these may beseen will be sent on request. Miss Waltonwill be glad to purchase any of these pieces orfind any others which you wish. If you cannot consultMiss Arden in person, write her for advice—youincur no obligation.

Used nightly, it givesquick relief, making the skin smooth and dainty in casesthat seemed hopeless. Patent OJf. Miss Waltonwill gladly give addresses of shops if desired. Drawn by Rachel Taft DixonA new material, silk and linencombination, cool but muchlike cloth, is what one FifthAvenue tailor is using fur sportssuits with knickerbockers ortrousers. It keeps its shapeyet does not show stains ofperspiration as pongee, nordoes it crush.

Do yon wonderit is in demand by discerningmen? If you wish to spring somethingnew in swealers, do appearin this deep V surpliceslip-on sweater. The shortsash tying in the hack makesit unusually becoming. The white silk poplinhat with straw faring is smartyet can be folded in a bag. Any color. So appealing was this bathingsuitthat when our artist wassketching it, fresh from theworkroom, a customer insistedon whisking it away with her.

In Muck, navy, or Copenhagentaffeta with crochet desiini onsash and skirt with corded folds. For mountain tramping, fishing,shooting, camping, riding,or for the farmerette accordingto material , this threepiecesuit, coat, skirt, knickers,is very useful. There is a certain pride in having the right equipment. Used by many tournament players. Very light weight,of tan duek with pigskin handle and straps. In answer to the insistentcall of women who playtennis comes this panamawith 1J 8-inch brim.

Itwill not rub back of neck. New high square crown,pleated scarf any color. Amazingly cool and lightyet very good looking isthis gentleman's hat ofpongee with Madagascarstraw underbrim andpongee scarf. Soft toe made without stiffening,these elk oxfords with ballstrap and saddle of dark Russiaare very comfortable for sportswear. Rawhide strip in solemakes it waterproof. Travel far as you will, canyou find as good" an allaroundgolf shoe for, for thatmatter, walking shoe?

Tangrain, full brogue, broadtoe, English last. Patent Ojf. Beautiful pieces of the past weremade fur the family tliat uideredthem—there were nu "stuck sets. Wefashion our furniture from rarewoods and finish in the mannerprescribed by the purchaser fureach room.

We are organized togive quick deliveries. Beautifulschemes have been worked out byus for almost all the imported fabricsavailable td-day. Make yourselection and we will finish it asa unified set. Let her do your tramping through theshops. She knows the shops and willget the utmost value for you. No purchaseis too small. Informationon any of the subjects listed may be obtainedfrom the various firms. Many of thempublish interesting and instructive booklets andcirculars.

Write direct to houses or to MissWalton, of Scribner's Magazine, checking the subjectsdesired. I enclosea check payable to Charles Scribner's Sons to cover their cost. Please send me the addresses of the shops where the followingarticles can be obtained. Please send literature on subjects checked.

I enclose stamped envelope for reply. Son, 12 West 40th Street. Shane, Fifth Avenue,at 47th Street. Ancient and Modern Rugs: Costikyan y Co. Suggestions for Bath Rooms: Crane Co. Size if garment Name. Shown on page.. SendtheSamplerand wina smile! It will interestthem to know, however, that herseries of articles on Morocco are the resultof a journey made there at the invitationof Governor-General Lyautey, and thatshe travelled constantly in a motor suppliedby the Military Department.

He has travelled thousands of miles onsledges through the Alaskan country andis a noted mountain-climber. LUTHER is a businessman who has found time to write a numberof admirable short stories, one of which,"The Wings of the Morning," will be recalledby the readers of this Magazine. JOHN H.

His book recently published,"A Pilgrim in Palestine," is meetingwith fine success. Robert Louis Stevenson and actedas Mr. Stevenson's amanuensis, in hislater writing aiding him greatly when helived at Vailima. Schwab, whose views hegives. He is the author of a number ofvolumes, including one on "TheodoreRoosevelt as the Undergraduate.

He went to France aLieutenant with the Rainbow Division,spent some time in a German prison, beingcaptured in battle and came back withthe 77th Division. AckermanNo visitor to our shores has shown abetter understanding of Americancharacter and ideals than has John Galsworthy. Perhaps the Atlantic Monthly hasbest expressed the debt we Americans owehim for his searching yet kindly criticismand suggestion when it said: ''We mustlisten to Mr.

If the future ofthe world depends upon understanding betweenmen and nations, we have reasonto be thankful for his peculiar gift of sympatheticinsight; he lives always in theHouse of the Interpreter. Galsworthy'scollected "American Addresses,"delivered in various parts of this countryduring the past spring, will be publishedthis summer by Charles Scribner's Sons.

AT a dinner at the Metropolitan Clubin New York the other evening ProfessorNitobe, of the Imperial University in Tokyo, referred to the recently publishedvolume on "The Mastery of the Far East,"by Arthur Judson Brown , in the mostlaudatory terms in the course of his addressand stated that he and Baron Goto, formerMinister of Foreign Affairs in the ImperialCabinet, who was also present at the dinner,were each buying several copies of thebook to send back to Japan.

THE clash between the faith and idealsof the older generation and theyounger, a perennial struggle rendered particularlyacute by the war, is the theme ofJohn Galsworthy's important new novel,"Saint's Progress. How much that is, this war tells you. Ichallenge you, sir, to show me where there'sany sign of altruistic pity, except in man.

If geological time be takenas twenty-four hours, man's existence onearth so far equals just two seconds of it;after a few more seconds, when man hasbeen frozen off the earth, geological timewill stretch for as long again, before theearth bumps into something, and becomesnebula once more. God's hands haven'tbeen particularly full, sir, have they—twoseconds out of twenty-four hours—if manis His pet concern? And as to mercy beingthe highest quality in man, that's onlya modern fashion of talking.

Man's highestquality is the sense of proportion, forthat's what keeps him alive; and mercy,logically pursued, would kill him off. It'sonly a by-product, or perhaps a disease. NodoubtthePresident read with thek eenest sympathy the passagesdescribing the nearlysingle-handed struggleof Gallatin "under thegreatest difficulties particularlywith his own colleagues "that finallyresulted in the signing ofthe Treaty of Ghent.

His book is a brilliantstudy of the great reconstruction societyfaces as a result of the war. Major Charles J. RiddleAuthor of "The Way of the Eagle'which only the dead girl could have beenacquainted. In Mrs. Clifford's novel it is ayoung English girl of twenty-six who isdominated by the personality of a youngwife and mother who has died.

It is neveropenly declared that this transference ofpersonality takes place, yet, as the LondonObserver says: "It is thisvery reticence that makesthe idea tell. You get preciselytheatmosphere thatimpels you to believe inthe artistic suggestionhere and there as the bookdevelops. A heavier positivismwould have crushedit.

Biddle's informal lettersjust published under thetitle "The Way of theEagle. The story turns on the psychic problemof the reincarnation of personality. There is anhistorically famous case of this reincarnationof personality on record: in this casea young girl showed herself at various timesdominated by a strange personality whichwas finally identified as that of another girlof similar age who had died some years previous;she showed the most startling recollection,when so dominated, of things withHE problem of legal aid for the poor,the subject of "Justice and the Poor"by Reginald Heber Smith of the BostonBar, just published by the Scribners for theCarnegie Foundation for the Advancementof Teaching, will be one of the chief problemsbefore the annual convention of theAmerican Bar Association early in the fall.

N UNUSUAL tribute was paid to the- practical value of John Roscoe Turner'snew "Introduction to Economics" theother day when one of the printers in thecomposing-room at the Scribner Press calledup the publishers to tell them that hehad been reading parts of the book as heworked over the forms and that it is "agreat book.

Wells' greatest publicservice as well as one of his finest books. It will reach tens of thousands ofreaders. Waffs' New Novel. A singularly fine story of a young man and theproblem he faces on discovering the source ofhis father's fortune.

Ready July I. Wells in his preface to "The Gay-Dombeys" writes: "Here is sheer fun for its ownsake This first novel by the great Indian poet is awork of compelling beauty. The glamour ofthe East moves like a subtle presence throughits pages and the story is told with deep poeticfeeling. Here at last, after many years, is a new Zangwillnovel—a story full of romance and charm,depicting English life in the leisurely Victorianyears. A brilliant history for those who wish to formtheir opinions independently and intelligentlyon adequate information.

A book of the utmost importance to Americanswho would understand the future policy ofJapan and her probable relations with theUnited States. Here the former President of the National CityBank tells the truth about the financial and industrialsituation of Europe. This highly interestingbook is the result of Mr. Vanderlip'srecent trip abroad. What he writes is of deepimportance to every thinking American.

A critical and friendly introduction to contemporarypoetry which discusses the work of livingEnglish and American poets and quotes andanalyzes nearly two hundred poems. ReadyJuly I. May Sinclair has here written a most unusualand original novel, both in its method and content. It is a boot that will stirwide comment. Ready July i. They would direct special attention to ProfessorHazen's" Fifty Years of Europe: ," which continueshis valuable and popular "Europe Since "; "The WarRomance of the Salvation Army," by Commander Booth,which records the wonderful work of this organization in thewar; while a delightful book of reminiscences by Gerald Cumberlandis entitled "Set Down in Malice.

The scene is England, the awakenedEngland of these days, and the storycentres about a single family: EdwardPierson, the fine old vicar, and his twodaughters. From the difficult loveaffairof the one daughter and the discoveryby the vicar that his religion isan impossible thing of the past to hisother daughter arise a sequence of intenselydramatic events leading to amost significant culmination.

GoThe Valleyof VisionHE eloquent testimony in fictionform of a great American whohas come through the furnace ofwar with a message that may not beignored. A message contained in a book ofromances, fables, allegories, of penetratinginsight which the critic of theNew York Tribune has aptly describedas "filled with exquisite imagery andinstinct throughout with an exaltedspirituality which seems a part of, andnot apart from, daily human life.

Charles ScribnersSons Notable Fiction — Summer Democracy. By Shaw DesmondA first novel by a brilliant young Irishman dealing with the laborstruggle of the hour in England, tense throughout with the energyof massed humanity in action. Those familiar with the leading figuresin English political and labor circles will recognize a number ofwell-known personalities, often but thinly disguised, in these pages.

By Louis DodgeYou'll not soon forget the picture of this mountain heroine in the door of hercabin, a shot-gun across her knees, defying the search-party. Dodge has 'done it again,' " says the New York Evening Sun. Louis Globe-Democrat. By Mrs. It is an exquisitely wrought story of English life involving the problem of the reincarnationof personality after death. Into the colorless being of Aline Fingal comethe love and warmth of personality of a young wife and mother who has died—andwith the most subtle and surprising results.

A Chattanoogaminister writes us: "I have told my secretary not to begin iton Saturday for she would surely break Sunday finishing it. By Lawrence PerryIt couldn't have happened, you say? But it does, and goes right on happen-. A gay novel with never a frown in it. Here is an invaluable book for tourist, motorist, orcamper—not a mere sentimental appreciation of the parks, but a fascinating presentationof their historical and scientific, as well as their scenic, features by an enthusiasticoutdoors man and official in the Department of the Interior.

CorrespondentAckermanfor the New York TimesA vivid panorama of Bolshevism inaction in city and countryside based onmany months' study in the course of12, miles of travel through BolshevistSiberia. The book is written thatpeople may have before them the evidencesof what Bolshevism is. Political, racial,social, religious difficulties—the problems that underlie the present wide-spread unrestin Korea, China, and Japan—are discussed with great completeness. By Major Charles J. BiddleGraphic letters from an American aviator presenting a remarkable picture of the epic ofour American air fighters in France.

Lieutenant in the Belgian ArmyA brilliant interpretation of the great reconstruction in terms of the reconstruction the warhas wrought in the ideas and ideals of this prominent young Belgian labor leader. One of themost thought-provoking books that have come out of the war. VanderveldeA thoughtful, first-hand study of the political, military, and industrial aspects of the revolutionby the well-known Belgian Socialist leader, who had unusual opportunities to study thesituation at first hand.

SaintReneTaillandierMadame Taillandicr presents in moving and loftily poetic French prose and with a wealthof first-hand incidents a fascinating picture of the work of the Belgian Relief Commission inthe invaded portions of France. In pressThe Hapsburg Monarchy. By William Harbut DawsonA new edition of this important work, containing timely matter on the future of Alsace-Lorraine, the Polish problem, the race problem in Austria-Hungary, the southern Slavs, theGerman colonies, and the organization of peace.

By Frederic C. HoweA carefully worked out and readable plan for the American co-operative farm colony of tomorrowalong Danish lines and possessing the social advantages of English garden villages. By Reginald Heber SmithA study of the present denial of justice to the poor and of the progress of legal-aid work inthe United States.

Published under the auspices of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancementof Teaching. Laurence LaughlinAn interpretation of the problem of money and prices and their regulation by means ofactual chapters from our economic history between and John Addington SymondsA reissue of this classic biography.

With mezzotint portrait and 16 reproductions. BarrieBarrie's delightful drama of the invincibly youthful Alice. By Corinne Roosevelt RobinsonA new volume of poems by the sister of Colonel Roosevelt, who, according to ProfessorPhelps of Yale, writes "from a full mind and a full heart. Brimley JohnsonReaders of this suggestive book will turn with fresh interest to their Jane Austen, GeorgeEliot, Charlotte Bronte, Fanny Burney, and the other notable women novelists of their period.

Commemoration of the Centenary of theBirth of James Russell LowellA commemorative volume containing the complete record of the Lowell centenary celebrationin February, including the addresses of John Galsworthy, Stephen Leacock, and others. SongS and Poems. By John Jay Chapman"Polished craftsmanship and virile and colorful imagery are the chief characteristics ofthe poems in this compact and admirable volume.

By Shaw Desmond"Being an Irishman, he writes entertainingly, at times brilliantly. He holds forth on business,education, politics, religion, women, literature, and morals. By Walter CampA book for boys, scoutmasters, and others interested in athletics.

In the light of his experienceas athletic director in the training-camps, Mr. Camp explains the elements of training andthe games that have proved most successful in the camps. QuennellA history of English manners, occupations, and amusements from to A suggestivesource-book for art students and designers. By Henry Rutgers MarshallStudies in consciousness and behavior, the self, creativeness and ideals, hedonism and otherproblems.

Kipling in sixteen years. Kipling'spersonal supervision, the OutwardBound Edition of the Works ofRudyard Kipling is universally recognizedas the library editionwithout equal. Quite unique,apart from the portrait frontispiece,are the illustrations. They arenot only in perfect, keeping, butthey are admirable in themselves,whether as characterization, symbolism,or pure decoration.

If you are not a subscriber, the publisherswill be pleased to send you full informationabout the Outward Bound Edition andthe other sets in the Scribner Library of ModernAuthors. From a probability of overwhelming defeat to thecertainty of overwhelming victory—an accomplishmentof less than six months—is a chapter of glorywritten indelibly into the history of the war andis the result of pooling the finest naval brains andnautical skill of the British and American Navies.

Besides the decisive and critical submarine period, Admiral Sims will tell ofthe British Fleet and about the North Sea Mine Barrages which made clear the pathbetween England and the mainland. Sims always has his "say" regardless of the consequences.

The account willinclude the plans which made it possible to attack, by mammoth naval guns, theGerman lines north of Verdun—and how the convoy system ferried 2,, Americantroops safely to France. How his break with Taft cameabout and his relation with other Republican leaders, together with memoranda inhis own handwriting in which is disclosed the reason for Taft's nomination.

This isone of the big articles of the year. Begins in the July issue. Tear out the coupon and mail it to-day. Garden City, N. Put yourBoys PictureHere! The biggest thing in the world hascome to your boy. He has suffered andworked for the common good. He hasfaced death—and worse. And now youcan have for him a permanent memorialof his tremendous experiences. This has been his war—the war ofthe boys. And so, in this, the greatesthistory—the one lasting imperishablehistory of the great war—we have reserveda place for your boy.

Here is theway of it:You know that Frank H. Simonds is theone great Historian of the World War—that his is the one History that will last forall time, and so for his History we have hadspecially made a Service Record Sheet, beautifullydesigned and embossed on Japanpaper, with a space for your boy's photograph,and spaces for his whole servicerecord. You can therefore combine in this one Historytwo splendid achievements—the greatestHistory of the World's greatest War, andyour boy's personal share in that War.

Such were Macaulay and Greene—such werePrescott and Gibbon—gTeat of vision, brilliant of style, with agenius for facts and a genius for telling. Frank H. Simonds is this generation's Prescott, this war'sMacaulay. From the day when this man burst liko a flame uponthe people of the city of New York with his prophecy of the greatwar to this day, when ho is welcomed by Allied statesmen andgenerals, his fame has spread about the world. Thoro are hundreds of these contributors.

One-thirdof the whole history is written by them—the other two-thirds byFrank II. Admiral Sir John JellicoeGen. Jan Christian SmutsCapt. Ian Hay BclthCol. SimsGeneral John J. Those who really know someindividual part of the great conflict have written of what they Roosevelt said-"Nn oilier man in this or any other cnuntrycan quite parallel the work that Mr. Simonds has done. It is hard to say whatmost to admire; the really extraordinarygrasp of the essential facts of the warwhich is shown, or the transparent clearnesswith which the facts are broughtout; or the entire fairness and impartialityof the conclusions.

Simonds willprove a valuable contribution o the literatureof the World War. The volume inhand makes easy, pleasant and interestingreading. Simonds has been right about the warmure often than any of the many who haveendeavored to forecast the future of thiscomplicated catastrophe, and I say withadmiration that I do not know of a betterguide to the war than Mr. IThe French Governmentdoes notbestow its honorslightly—for 40years there wasno Marshal of France, because noman had shown himself worthy ofthat high honor, so when it selectsSimonds from all the ITistnria-ns ofthe World War to receive the Crossof the Chevalier of the Legion ofHonor you can be sure that his is aHistory that will endure for all time.

Y a l e University Studies this H i s t o r yYale University has ordered copies of selected chapters fromSimonds' History to be used as a text-book in its History classes. The British Government has had his articles reprinted and distributedbroadcast.

Leading papers all over the world have beenquoting him as the one greatest authority on the War for four years. At the height of the Battle of Verdun, President Poincaire himselfgave Simonds permission to go to the battlefront. Price G o e s U p A g a i nThe price of paper went so high last Springthat we had to raise the price of these books.

Fortunately, we secured one big lot of paperat a comparatively reasonable figure, so wehad to add only one payment to the price ofthe books. So long as this paper enough for one edition lasts, you can have your set of Simonds'History at the present low price, but paper isstill higher now, cloth is higher, and this is thelast edition we shall be able to make at thepresent low price. Simonds himself.

The illustrations are printed on special paper insertedfor the purpose. Many of them are entirely Hew to the eyes of readers, bavins; been obtained by the arteditor of the History from out of the hundreds of thousandsthat have been taken in this war—these are pictures 'you really want to keep—that really illustrate the story.

Simonds and other famouscontributors. DO a month jar thirteen montht The Living Age has been published every Saturday withoutmissing an issue for more than 75 years and was never more indispensablethan now to intelligent readers. RusseCC tiouyhtoix. Individualcare and supervision.

Helen S. Scoville, Rosa B. Home and Day Departments. October, Miss Clara I. Colbourne, A. Miss Martha K. Humphrey, A. Fireproof building completelyequipped for resident and day pupils. Open-air Gymnasium. College preparatoryand general courses. Music, Art and Domestic Science.

Catalogueon request. Miss Miriam A. Boarding and Day Department. Girls' Club Adjoining. Catalogues by Request. To-day these schools are advertising for to-morrow. College preparatory and general courses in Upper School. LowerSchool for younger girls. Special rates U» daughters of Army andNavy officers. Summer Home for girls remaining through year. Frederic Townsend's boarding school for high school girlsand graduates.

Half-hour from New York City. Three superb granite buildingsoverlooking Long Island Sound. All advantages. Tenth year. Address for booklet and views. Glen Eden School, Glenbrook Road. Stamford, Conn. Four attractive modern buildings. Spacious grounds. Athletic field, gymnasium,resident physical director. Appointment with Head Of School byletter.

Post Office, Bronxville, N. Graduate and special courses. Modelkindergarten and primary department. Mission kindergartens forpractice pupils. Students' Residence. Circular C. Langzettcl, Director, East 71st Street. New York. Buildings completely equipped. Gymnasium, swimming pool,fine athletic fields. Prepares for any College or scientific school. Competentmaster at the head of each department. For information and Catalog addressWalter R.

Marsh, Headmaster, Stewart Ave.. Academic and economic courses. Separate school for very young girls. For Brochure addressClara C. Fuller, PrincipalMartha J. Naramore, Assoc. PrincipalBox Ossining-on-Hudson, N. Practical military training with field work. College andbusiness preparation.

Physical training and athletic sports. AddressCharles Frederick Brusie, P. Box , Ossining-onthe-Hudson,New York. Because of its situation can offer specialopportunities academically and socially. College Preparatory and AcademicCourses.

Supervised athletics. Military drill. Sleeping porches. Junior department. AddressEllen Clizbe Bartlett, A. Classes are small, givingteachers opportunity to study each boy. Thoroughpreparation for College, Technical Schooland Business. Certificate privileges. Militarydrill, physical culture, athletics. References as tocharacter required.

Request illustrated booklet. Verbeck, Pres. Box 47A,Manlius, N. Itoffers preparation for college andbusiness, and gives superior militarytraining through its ReserveOfficers Training Corps. Eleven miles from Syracuse. Send for booklet and information. Physical Education, Secretarial andGeneral Studies. Athletic held. Two- andthree-year Normal Courses command teachers andsupervisors certificate. Residence accommodationsfor four hundred students.

Catalog on application. Small classes. Individual attention. Gymnasium; athletic field; recreationbuildinc on Lake Cayuga. Complete navy outfitfor the well-knownschool crew. Enrollment limitedto Healthfullylocated aboveIthaca and Lake Cayuga. Experienced faculty. Summer Schoolspecializing in preparationj or University EntranceExaminations.

Catalogs on request. Director, Box no,Ithaca, N. Largest Military School in the EastCavalry, infantry, cadet band. Special rales to musicians. Twenty-five miles from New York, in thebeautiful, historic "Irving" country. Newsite and buildings, Prepares for all collegesand technical schools. Individual as wellas class instruction.

For information addressJ. Complete Equipment. Thorough preparation for College and ScientificSchools. Mary E. DowEdith Cooper Hartman, B. PrincipalsMusic DepartmentMr. Osaip Gabrilowitsch, Air. Frank V. Russell Sage in connectionwith Emma Willard SchoolA School of Practical ArtsDesigned for the higher education of women,particularly on vocational and professionallines. Sanford, Principal, Louis H. Schutte, M. Twenty-five acres, modern equipment. College Preparatory, Generaland Secretarial Courses.

Daily work in the studio. Horseback riding and all summer andwinter sports. Sleeping Porch. The Junior SchoolA separate department for girls underfifteen. Work and play planned to meetthe needs of the young girl. Three buildings. Athletic field. Domestic Arts. College preparatory, general and specialcourses which include stenography and typewriting.

Miss AliceE. Reynolds, Principal, St. Ronan Terrace, New Haven, Conn. Frederick S. Curtis, Principal, Gerald B. Fanny E. Davies, LL. Boston representative, Mabel E. Wellequipped buildings. All outdoor sports. Write for booklet. Miss Ellen Seton Ogden,Principal. The Rt. Play hours supervised. Ten and twelve monthsterms. Adjacent to three parks, thus combining the best features of countrylife with city privileges.

Founded Fanny A. Luuis, Mo. Louis, Mo. Opens September 15, College preparatorycourses. Music, Art, Dancing, Home Economics. Gardening,and Secretarial work. University lectures, advanced course forgraduate students. Country residence for young girls. Rhode Island. West VirginiaST. Under auspices Episcopal Church. College Preparatory, Elective courses. Music, Art. Athletics under trained Director.

Open air classes. A teacher for every five girls. Students inspiredDistinctively devoted to by wholesome and beautiful ideals of efficient womanhood. Hygiene and morals observed especially for health, character, responsibilityand recognized as the Pioneerand initiative. One hundred acres; pine groves and feet ofSchool of Personality seashore. Climate is exceptionally favorable for outdoor life. Horsebackriding, gymnastics. College Preparatory or Cultural Courses. French, German and Spanish by native teachers.

Experienced, earnest instructors. Fourteen miles from Boston. Allsports and athletics supervised andadapted to the age of the pupil. Thefinest instruction, care and influence. Unusual training is given in various phases of homeniaking, Jrommarketing to entertaining. The school is situated on a thirty acre estate ten miles from Boston.

Cultural advantages of the city are utilized. Many forms of outdoorspurt and recreation play a part in the school activities. AddressGUY M. Young men and young women find here a home-likeatmosphere, thorough and efficient training in every department ofa broad culture, a loyal and helpful school spirit. Special Coursein Domestic Science.

For catalogue and information addressArthur W. Peirce, Litt. Correspondence should be addressed toMiss B. Capen, Principal, Northampton, Mass. Five brick buildings, moderngymnasium. Athletic field, campus and farm of acres.

Moderate rates. Gaylord W. Douglass, Headmaster, Wilbraham, Mass. Burnham in , opposite Smith CollegeCampus, Northampton. Miss Helen E. Thompson, Headmistress.

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